Custom 26er for Sale

I have a custom built 26er for sale. The sweet thing about this machine is it’s ridiculously strong and stiff wheel for a commuting unicycle.

It’s built on a Yuni frame, Suzue hub, 127mm cranks, and basic metal pinned pedals. The rim is a CR18 overbuilt downhill/cross rim (presta). It’s running a Kenda 26x2.25 tire. It takes a 22.2mm seatpost.

The uni is the smoothest uni that I have EVER ridden. The Eugene club agrees. It does not come with a seat or seatpost - but I can throw one in for a bit extra.

The uni has some stickers on the frame but very little wear. I used it to commute while in college years ago, but it’s sat inside since. I hate to part with it, but I need the space. It’s never been rained on, ridden offroad, or jumped with.

I’m asking $85 + shipping for just the uni and $125 + shipping to include a red DX seat and united 22.2mm seatpost. It comes with a QR seat clamp either way. (The rim alone is worth $30-$40)

I’m willing to partially trade for a freeride seat, miyata rail adapter, or T7.

The attached picture is a tiny bit old. The pedals are different and it has a different seat than the one you’d get it you bought the seat. And no, my seat isn’t on backwards. :slight_smile:

Make an offer.