Custom 26" with Profile SS hub and 170mm cranks

Hi all!
I’m looking to sell my off-road UNI and downgrade to a more “hobbyist” level ride.

Custom unicycle with 170 mm profile cranks and Poznanter hub sealed bearing, Odyssey magnesium pedals high roller 26x2.50 tubeless tires sun rims double wide 6000 series, Kris Holmes fusion free ride seat cover on seat by torker.

Any interest here? Anyone know what that frame is? I obviously had the cranks and frame custom powder coated…

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Also, I’m looking for a 24" probably if anyone has a pretty basic one they want to move.

better shot of the hub/cranks -

what are you asking?

I can ship it pretty cheaply so I’m looking for $400 including shipping…

Thank you :pray: for responding, I have ordered two new mad4one uni’s, a 27.5 muni custom and a 24” fat tire muni, I really like your piece, cool :sunglasses: powder coat. I just got a 36” oracle it’s a challenge to mount but I am getting better. Be blessed brother

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I’m a recent grad on a tight budget but I would gladly offer you 250$ + shipping for it.

hey hey - sorry for the delayed response. Thanks! I listed it on ebay too the other day - if it doesn’t go there, I’ll let you know. I started it at $300 including shipping…

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