custom 24" muni

okay, im just giving up muni, it’s not my thing :slight_smile:
the specs are

Nimbus Gel saddle OR KH fusion street gel, whichever you prefer, will charge £10 more for the KH.
Nimbus CrMo seatpost
White KH doublebolt clamp
KH frame
Kenda k-rad tyre
Koxx reinforced hub laced to a 24 bicycles rim
KH moments - 137mm
Aluminium DX pedals in silver

it’s well used, a really nice machine! I just seem to hurt myself doing muni :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get pictures soon :slight_smile:


sorry i just had a good laugh out of this one :stuck_out_tongue:

get well soon Alister!

how much for just the wheelset?

where are you located? shipping could be killer
how much “wheel” is wheel? I’ll list everything lower half
I would go to £140 plus shipping for the whole bottom half.

EDIT, i think you’re american, that’s around $220

I’m Canadian… in Ontario
and wheel = rim spokes and hub

ah sorry, not interested in being left with some cranks and a tyre :stuck_out_tongue: sorry

ah dam aight thanks anyways man lol i need the most random parts t fix up my street uni :stuck_out_tongue: saddles hub and 3 spokes :stuck_out_tongue:


I was just wondering how much you’d want for the whole uni (with the nimbus gel rather than KH saddle) - would give it a fantastic home!

Many thanks

Pembroke xx


me riding this beautiful beast! :smiley:

bump, i’m asking for £200 shipped anywhere in the UK! KH saddle now comes as standard, let me know if you’re interested!

I know I shouldn’t revive a dead thread, but is that Hamsterley? (end of Pike’s Teeth)
If it is, why haven’t I seen you there?

Hi have you still got this? Cheers stu :slight_smile: