custo koxx one white widow $300

Hardly riden koxxx one devil black frame, white drilled rim, black spokes, K1 trials hub, K1 street cranks, maxxis creepy crawler & K1 try-all tires, K1 gell seat, K1 white 2 bolt seat clamp, mosh pedals. 300 OBO. willing to ship if u cover cost. please call for details. 206-619-8676

you need pics :wink:

yeah I know

I posted this months ago and had pics. Now I do not have a computer. I only get random internet access at work and all my pics are gone. sorry guys.

I’m doing this from my phone
so hopefully it works. Here is his old link
with pictures.

here’s a link to the post from a couple months back.

just wondering,
whats the difference between a street and trials uni?

In general, not much. Tons of people do a bit of both, and if it is a predominantly trials uni it may have longer cranks (for stabilty on hops and railrides), metal pedals, and a higher seat, whereas a street uni may have shorter cranks (for flipping and rolling speed), a beastly seat post, and a lower seat. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a person with a trials uni and a street uni, like I said they’re pretty much the same. :slight_smile: