Anyone try CushCore ? Seems like it should be as applicable to Muni as MTB. I’m not affiliated w/ the product, just became aware of it. Has intuitive appeal.

A bit too narrow for me. But the idea sounds very interesting.

Yes, fatter versions are needed. Plus, without being an expert on how these things work, but it seems to me that the fatter the tire, the better the effect of damping would be. I’m curious to learn if this is a viable system that people will like!

People 15 years ago sometimes put a smaller/lighter tire inside of their mtb tires to achieve something like this. Maybe they still do? Perhaps a tubular tire would work? I guess you’d have to drill another stem hole. It’s all getting a little complicated… Russian dolls.

The Cush Core doesn’t look inflatable so there’d be no need to add a second valve hole!

Not sure I see the appeal though. Is this a problem people have with MTB tyres? I’ve never heard of it!

I’ve got a wheel/tire set up more or less like that now, with a couple of hoops of heating pipe insulation and a standard 29’er tube inside a fat tire; partly with the same idea in mind and partly from being too cheap to buy the correct inner tube when it cost as much as the tire (which I got on sale.) I posted pictures when I did it and didn’t get much love about the idea from the crowd here. :frowning: I’m still casually going over my options for a frame to accomodate that tire so I can’t say whether it works at all or not, but I get the principle. “Rising-rate suspension,” you might say if it was a motor vehicle. Essentially, run the tire soft enough to expect it to bottom out, then think about protecting against rim damage when it does.

There was something similar on the market for mountain bikes a decade or so ago, that fit against the rim, under your tube. I forget what it was called.

And some googling turned up a couple more systems on the market -

Flat tire defender - and a review of it. Apparently this one is actually being used for high level downhill racing (I actually saw the telecast of the race they mention in the review where Aaron Gwin destroyed his wheel and saw the “tube” hanging out of his tubeless tire, but I didn’t think anything of it).

A review of the “Huck Norris” insert.

125 Bucks every 6 Months and cleaning the inside of the tire every month?

Schwalbe pro core

If I understood right Schwalbe is doing something similar And Its called Schwalbe pro core (Paul Wegfraß Is riding one on his 26er)

Procore also prevents pinch flats and burping and increases lateral stability. But it just adds another air spring to the system. CushCore core adds a damper. Just like on a Bike with suspension, one leg of the fork has a spring in it, the other has a damper. Or on your car: spring and damper.
The only possibility to reach damping with a tire is using a rubber monster (i.e. Duro). Lighter tires always feel very springy.
The CushCore inlet adds a damper to the air spring of the tire.

I wrote them an e-mail asking if they will produce a version for plus size tires.

Yes, they plan to. But no date yet.

Also I told them, that i ride 3" tires on 40mm rims.

So despite they’re made for thinner setups, it can work on wider setups if lateral stability and damping are not you main concerns.


I am running the Schwalbe procore since almost a year on the muni now. I do not see any different performance with the second tire inside. I runs and feels like a std tubeless setup. Just with the difference of added sidewall stability and impossible burping. I am very satisfied with the system. Since I use it, I do not even take a pump into the forrest anymore. On the downside I would see two points: 1.) A little weight is added compared to std tubeless (compared to tube there is no or almost no weight penalty, depending on tube of course). 2.) It is more expensive than a tube or std tubeless.

Yes, definitely kinda expensive - $200/2 But prolly worth it not having to deal w/ burping and squirm. But like Eric says, no damping. Time will sort out the better solutions. I think cushcore will be the way to go if they produce the appropriate sizes. But they should rename it KushKore and die the insert green. Or how about Inner Piece?

It´s good that new systems come to market. Then anyone can choose whatever he likes, or whatever the better system is. As for the damping: Sure a tubeless setup has a damping too, as we are talking on rubber tires. I agree it is (way) different from a tube setup, especially with a thick DH tube. When we first tested tubeless (on MTB) I had a friend with similar bike and same tires. Just one with tube, the other tubeless. So we could compare back to back. It felt completly different. However, the tubeless tire will not kick you of the bike or muni, it nicely absorbs small bumps etc. You have to play around to find the correct pressure for your riding style, depending on weight, tire, tire size, underground. But once adjusted it is very smooth with low rolling resistance. I think tubeless is more sensitive in terms of proper pressure than a tube setup.

Anyhow would be nice to see comparison with the cushcore. Who will try? :smiley:

I wonder how much the dampening would adversely affect hopping.
I think I’d prefer a version with flubber in it.

One gets the impression that these systems would also make it a lot harder to get pinch flats? Or is that already mostly solved by going tubeless? I have no experience with tubeless.

There is a nice diagram at 1:47

I’ve seen a few write-ups question the accuracy of that table, mainly that procore does help with pinch-flats and stability.

There are also quite a few more brands available, tire inserts are not a new concept.

The best comment I’ve read: “It’s just expensive hay”.

Time will tell. Diffusion of Innovation theory describes a spectrum of adoption from early to mid to late adopters. It has to do with stable personality traits, particularly Openness to Experience (the early adopters) vs. Need for Cognitive Closure (the late adopters). Remember how much resistance there was to 29ers in MTB? And the rabid core of early adopters to 29ers? Neither was completely justified. They were expressing their stable dispositions, yet 29ers are here to stay. I imagine we’ll all be using tire inserts of some sort in time. Along the way there will be some crappy products introduced and some really useful ones. The cream will come to the top in time. But I could be wrong. No sense in settling the outcome before its time. Patience grasshopper.