Curved Spine from trials

I have just started to re-learn trials. When doing a small 2 foot gap seat in, I felt a small strain in my lower back.

The next day my whole spine was curved. It is painful, but the real problem is how awkward it is to walk or sit or bend or anything.

I went to the doctor yesterday. He said it is just a pulled muscle in my back that is forcing the spine to curve. Getting an x ray tomorrow to make sure. Has anyone else experienced this? It is kind of scary.

never experienced it, looks pretty gruesome.

Jake and Elwood dont seem amused.


Friend I knew had it, not from unicycling (I don’t think). But I believe he had some sort of reconstructive surgery on his back. Might not have been this sort of “injury?”

I guy I used to work with came in one day looking like that. He went to a chiropractor and came back the next day all straightened out.

I’m still not a big fan of them.

my back looks like that but it’s cuz I have scoliosis

Hmm yeah. I go to the chiropractor, but I haven’t had a chance to find a new one in Toronto since my regular one is at home an hour away.

I will probably end up going that route.

chiropractor are bogus don’t waste you money

Edit: this is obviously an muscle pob so go to the physiotherapist

I hear you (maybe). I have been going to one for my whole life but I really can’t tell if it is doing any good.

I do know I have more back problems than anyone i know.

Oh wow, thats pretty scary. I’d probably be freaking out. Good luck getting that straightened out. Heh.

A simple muscle spasm, the muscle is in contraction, so it has pulled your spine out of alignment, not uncommon. Take some NSAID’s, don’t try to stretch it out, once the muscle relaxes you’ll feel better. Try doing some cross-training :wink:

Would massaging the muscle with an electric massager help as well?

Thanks Nurse Ben.