Currently in Sarasota, FL area

Hey all you Floridians!

I’m currently on vacation in Sarasota, Florida. My folks, whom we’re visiting, generously picked up an old, albiet mint condition, Schwinn 24" uni at a thrift shop for me to play around on while they’re kvelling over their grandchildren.

Is anyone on these fora around from Feb 1 thru Feb 5 or so? Wanna get together and work on some skills? I doubt this machine is up for much Muni nor does the seat make me want to ride distance on the thing.

Get back in this thread, PM or my cell:518-229-2320.

Currently in Sarasota FL area

I am in Sarasota, I ride muni on the weekdays (after work 5:30 or so to dark) at the Celery feilds Best trails in Sarasota.,-82.4332962

I have a kh 29 and a 24 Torker DX and can let you borrow my DX if you are not to tall (I have a 30 inseam).

Will give you a call.


Hello Steve, How can you ride that unicycle in Florida? Besides it being an old Schwinn, there’s no mountains!

Hope you enjoy that vacation.

No mountains but we do have hills at our mining pits.

See this thread on Florida muni


Hey - thanks to Ed! (Frogy130) He brought his KH29 and his DX24 and we just did a good hour of muni’ing on nearby trails.

I was skeptical of any trails in this state, but I must say, I was impressed. At a small bird santuary-type place, there’s maybe a 30 foot bluff, and the trail cuts and weaves up and down this hill relentlessly. I wouldn’t have believed there would be hills I couldn’t ride here, but that’s what Ed took me on. If possible, we’re meeting up once more before I leave, and now I know to be ready to be hammered by a trail IN FLORIDA!!

Thanks Eddie, As JohnFoss said, Holy crap, Florida has hills!

Glad to hear of the great times!