current CF seats?

What is the current-day best way to get a CF saddle, it’s not still “here’s the pieces, build your own”, is it?

I’m pretty sure it is, unless you are willing to shell out a fair amount for a Scott Wallis saddle. It’s possible UDC or Bedford will do it for you too at a cost, but as far as I know it is still a DIY project.

The best are the Wallis seats. He offers the bases with threaded inserts already in the base so you don’t have to drill holes and stuff.
You can buy the “road relief” seat all put together.
Otherwise the wallis seats are the closest you can get to a complete seat that I am aware of.

Yep, no-one builds em for you, except if you get the Wallis seat.

If you prefer KH handles, and don’t want a carbon fibre bumper then I don’t think the Wallis ones work either.


you can also get the CF LX air seats from udc, but the swallis ones are superior.

thanks guys, sounds like this wallis fella is worth cheking out

Scott Wallis has amazing products and services.

I had a problem with a DG handle a few months ago, and he replaced it immediately. His seat bases are top of the line, and make sif hopping very nice. It also fits very nicely to the bum, and rashing with this seat has been much better than my old 05 KH.

The other cool thing about this seat is that it can fit to ANY bike posts like a thompson without those weak rail adapters that crack fingers.

In the long run, a S wallis base is worth every penny.

it certainly sounds like it!

Just curious, what type of uniing are you going to do with the SB?

The Wallis base is compatible w/ both Miyata or KH style plastic bumpers. But at $175, it is pricey.

I’ve been considering one, because I’m also thinking of getting a 3" Thudbuster suspention seatpost and the only way I can get enough clearance, w/o cutting the neck of my frame is a Wallis base. Before shelling out that much dough I’m going to blow $30 on a KH rail adapter and hope it works:o

the SW base is nice but the udc base is way cheaper at $80 but it requires some work

Maybe you can make it work if you drill the holes yourself but the inserts are only for miyata style parts.
The kh parts don’t really fit, the parts that get bolted down don’t touch the base because the miyata lip is taller than the kh.

Um It might just be me but making the seat yourself is more than half the fun. Its sorta a right of passage. Kinda. You feel really good after doing it. I spent a heck of alot of time on mine and I love it.

Not everyone has a heck of a lot of time. :stuck_out_tongue:

Personally for me, the issue would be the possibility of screwing up a $180 seat base.


An expensive and risky option, but couldn’t you just file it down?

Yeah they do… And it doesnt cost 180 to make yourself. If you spend 180 you are getting it from sw and there is nothing to do to it.

im half-way money wise, for a brand new CF seat!