Curb hopping

Well, I can finally drop off a curb so next step is hopping off one and hopping back up. Is this hard to do on the fly, say riding, hopping up a curb and continuing to ride in one smooth transition?
As far as the hopping, is it difficult to hop up curbs? I just started bunny hopping (hopping, but not necessarily landing) and am wondering how difficult of a skill it is to learn.

its easy jus ride up to the curb with about 15cm from the wheel to the curb and hop , pulling up on the saddle :smiley:

I assume that

refers to a rolling hop, and I find them easier than sidehops. I would say that a rolling hop up an obstacle is more difficult, at first, than sidehopping up the same obstacle. Rolling hops require your cranks to be lined up at the proper distance away from the obstacle(proper distance varies). Sidehops don’t require this.

Compared to other skills in unicycling, it’s pretty easy. That’s not saying much, however. Any skill on a unicycle is inherently difficult and will require lots of practice. As far as tricks go, I’d say hopping up a curb is a pretty basic skill. Even the smallest hop, with a little effort, should clear a curb. Your rolling/side hop technique can be very sloppy and still get you up a curb.

Good luck!

when i first started with curbs I sorta combined rolling hops with side hops. I would ride parallel to the curb and then hop sideways up it instead of riding straight at it. it helped me with the transition from rolling to hopping

you will get it just takes some time and i still cant roll hop that much :o i just suck at riding and then hoping i can never get my feet lined up right so i always run into the object lol but i can sidehop sif 51cms now lol