Hello all I know this topic of “mens health” has been discused many times. And yes I did use the search button but I could only find allusions to the idea of wearing a protective cup. So I would like to know if its a good idea and if not then why. I’m thinking about investing in a $500+ trials cycle but I’ve taken several drops where my feet slip off the pedals and I slam my manhood very hard. I love love unicycling and don’t want to stop but I don’t want to invest that kind of money on something that may indanger my future family.

   Tom Morris

with the downward force of most of our impacts, i think a cup would only offer one more pinching surface, they are mostly designed for frontal impacts.

Re: cups?

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I suggest that you don’t do drops.
(if you think your hitting to hard)

Not quit unicycleing.

I rarely get a impact like that, just riding around.
(actually … never since ‘learning’)

And … if you think about your question, and have read the threads already on this subject, you should be able to determine ‘on your own’ , if a cup is going to work.

Afterall, if you can’t figure it out, just go buy one and try it.

Try new pedals or shoes.

It might be nice to have a cup area cut out of the seat so the boys have a place to rest.

When I do drops I either do them seat out, or keep the seat as tight as possible to my butt, so even if I slipped of a pedal, this wouldn’t hit my groin but my butt.

Hope this helps


My son rides his uni to karate practise wearing a strap and cup.
He mentions that the cup hurts just sitting and riding.

you could just cut a tiny hole in ur nut sack and remove your balls and keep them in a jar when ur unicycling then when you want to make kids put then back in!! problem solved!!:wink:

If your feet are slipping off the pedals on landing drops, get better pedals with pins. You should be standing up off the seat to land a drop - all your weight will be taken with your legs, not your bum.

I’ve never worn a cup, so I don’t have first-hand experience. But wouldn’t sitting on a cup be worse than the occational, rare, nut-squash?

If your feet are slipping off the pedals, this is the area to concentrate on. Though pinned pedals are more risky to the lower legs, you need to find a balance that will keep your feet on. More experience will help too, but that always comes as lousy advice when you’re rolling around on the ground… :roll_eyes:

having played baseball for quite a while(13-ish years) i can say that wearing a cup while unicycling is a bad idea. it’ll just rub and pinch and generally suck when you aren’t missing a big drop. and even when it “works” and you miss the big drop you naughty bits won’t get hurt but you’ll crush all the flesh the edges of the cup is touching. In most cases it hurts as bad or worse that a good shot to the rocks. in baseball the cup is useful because the impact isn’t going to be so great that it’ll really move the cup into you, at least most the time. but if it wasn’t there, occasionally it’d really suck.

shorter version: a cup is a waste of time. get better at unicycling.

one simple awnser: S-I-F

If you do aggressive riding while wearing briefs or boxers you are going to get racked at some point when getting back on the saddle.

Wear snug fitting bike shorts (the black stretchy kind) or the tight stretchy running shorts that are very similar to the bike shorts. The bicycle shorts will have padding where you sit. The running shorts will have no padding. The trick is that you want something snug fitting to keep the goods in place. These shorts are worn next to the skin with no underwear or jock underneath.

Those shorts will pretty much solve the problem. You can wear loose shorts or pants over the shorts if you don’t want to look like a sausage.

Standard jocks have a big seam right where you sit on the saddle. That would not be comfortable. Standard jocks will also cause some chafing. There are specialized jocks that are used by dancers (Google for dance-belt) and other specialized activities (look at International Jock, careful NSFW). Someone a while back was looking at trying a suspensory (check International Jock to see what a suspensory is). I don’t know how well any of those would work. The bicycle shorts have been working well enough for me and the bike shorts are good at preventing or minimizing chafing during long rides.

if that don’t work there is another simple opperation or you could just put up with it, your choice :stuck_out_tongue:

Re: cups?

Ditching your boxer shorts is the number one priority here. Wear some
type of support garment, but a cup is not going to be comfortable. I
rode my bicycle to baseball practice while wearing my cup sometimes, and
it was not comfortable. It got mighty painful the day I decided to
dismount off the back of the seat and the damn cup got hung up on the
seat. You don’t want that to happen.

Hmmm… I actually find boxers very comfortable to ride in…

I had trouble with boxers and tried some other things but I eventually have decided the most comfortable ride is the one where you have the most freedom. So I ride in boxers again.

Try doing your drops in the buff until you get better at them.

Can’t I wear my shoes, at least? C’mon!

unicycling is obviously better than a family. plus, if you don’t want to rack your nuts then stop unicycling. i mean seriously, it’s a vehicle that partially revolves around sitting on your perinium. chances are sometime (if not regularly) you’re going to face some testicle contact. also wear bike shorts, a cup would probably add to the injury.

oh yeah and tony is obviously right, get good pedals. i for one am an advocate of oddyssey twisted pros. i don’t like the pedals that usually come with the uni.