CUMON Québec 2004!!!

Hi all!

I’m proud to invite everyone to CUMON at Québec 2004(Challenges Universels de MONocycle), happening at Québec city(Canada), on June 25th-27th 2004.

In conjunction with the Vélirium, holding again this year the mtb World Cup, the unicycling events are going to take place at the wonderful Mont Ste Anne site.

We are organizing a Trials competition, a UMX on the 4-X track, long and high jumps competitions, and several demos through the Vélirium festival (which is going to be from June 19th to 27th).

The Trials course is gonna be CRAZY!! So far we’ve collected two cars, a big tire, a stairset, a picnic table, a lot of skinny things, etc. But there is something for everyone, the beginners too!

I will keep you all up to date soon for additionnal informations, such as cost, map to the site, places to stay, exact day of competitions, etc. The official web site is going to be available next week, including every details.

CUMON, I know you can’t forget about a weekend of unicycling fun! Don’t miss it!

I hope all of you can join us, so see you soon!


TWO CARS??? CRAZY!!! I am SO THere!!!

no, seriously…there is NO way I’m missing that!

by the way, did you guys upload any of the movies you filmed at toque or in montreal?


I’m glad to hear that, Owen!

For the film, we do edit the footage, but I only have a VHS version. And it’s pretty long. Do you know how I could upload it?


no…I don’t …something to do with a firewire?..ask people who did movies…I’m sure they know…

NOBODY’s posted any Toque movies yet…

Sounds excellent! I might be able to make it, need more details though…

I really want to go to one of these MUni/Trials things, but they’re always during the school year so I never can. And in the summer there are only freestyle events, or events in Japan. And I don’t like freestyle, and Japan is far away.

Excellent! This will be an absolute blast. I will be there for sure.


CUMON Québec 2004!!!


More details are coming soon.


waaaaaay sold!!! will even pitch in some help if needed.


Yup, I’m up for helping out too…if needed…

I ‘may’ be able to get there.

Mt Ste Anne? Have you thought about having an uphill race?

>Mtl guys, thanks for the support!<

Originally posted by Sofa
>I ‘may’ be able to get there.
Mt Ste Anne? Have you thought about having an uphill race?

You’re welcome here!

At first, we really wanted do hold a DownHill race, since the trails are technically awesome, and that’s what we like riding anyways. But because of the mtb world cup, the organizer found some conflict with the two path, wherever we planned to have it. So we’re forgetting about it.

But an UpHill race! That’s a good idea! There is the service road that goes all the way to the top. If I remember well, we rode that one in 30 minutes or so on mtb. The only problem is to find enought riders to participate!!! For now, there’s you Sofa and me!

Also, I must remember that they hold a 12 hours of riding, the thursday I think. We’re gonna participate Simon Thémens and me in a team (yeah, we’re lazy…). They must hold it on a cross-country track, but I’m gonna get more informations on that one.

So it sound like a tough weekend!



I know the access road you are talking about! That would be a fantastic challenge!

What a cool event that would be

I didn’t realize it was 1000kms away…no way I’ll be there. Time won’t permit it

>I didn’t realize it was 1000kms away…no way I’ll be there. Time won’t permit it

Bad to hear it Sofa…Don’t you own a private airplane like everyone?:wink:

Any updates on the official Quebec unicycle people website?

Almost everything is done, but we had troubles with our web servers.

So if you know someone who can host our site… can…

I hadn’t realised there was so many canadian riders in that area. I’m not sure but I think by dumb luck we (family) may be driving through there to Kingston around that time for my Grandmothers birthday. That would be amazing! I’ll start talking to my parents.

Keep us posted.


Will we be able to do any lift rides up the mountain and ride any of the trails down during the event?.

if so there is a good chance myself and maybe one or both the other memebrs of team would make it up for cumon.

I went boarding at mount saint anne a couple years ago and i am shur there is alot of good muning there as well, and i would love to have a day to check out some of the trails but i dont know if i can justify the long trip up if i will only be riding in the shadow of the mountian the whole trip and never getting the ride the lift up.


CUMON updates

Hi all!

To answer unicyclejoe.

Mont Ste Anne is a really cool mountain. Technical trails, a little north shore, steep dh. Unfortunatly, the best trail is the world cup one, and as you understand we sure can’t ride that one during the bike races. I’m gonna ask them, but one thing is sure: we can ride all the week before the events, and last year we did ride other trails during the weekend.

Bad news, they can’t let us ride the 4-X track due to the festival’s insurances.

Instead, we’ll have a ride in Quebec city, sunday the 27th. Free fun, you’ll discorver beautiful places to ride and/or film! We can do muni or urban trials, depends on people’s choice.

Feel free to give suggestions for the events while it’s still time.:slight_smile: