Cumbrian Mountain Unicyclists - BBC TV

In an effort to do some extra muni promotion Aaron and I have made a short film. It is a ‘Video Nation’ film ie a vehicle to put your views and news on camera online.

It is therefore a personal view made for the publics consumption not as a demonstration of muni etc. so dont expect to be blown away!!

BBC Cumbria have given it to BBC Look North the local news program and I understand it will be shown sometime in the next couple of weeks on ‘Look North’. I will post the date here when I know for those living in the region.

BBC are also co-sponsors of the Mountain Film Festival
and our Video Nation short is going to be shown at the festival on the Wednesday 17th November during the MTB evening.

The directors Brian Hall and John Porter are both ‘muni literate and friendly’. Saun White’s film “Unizaba” won the video short competition two years ago, and last year they screened “Into the Thunder Dragon.”

If you have any good ‘Mountain’ Uni films suitable for showing why not submit them? Also have a look at the Extreme Film School Competition - closing date 21st September.



Nice video guys. You are busy promoting Muni, well done.

See you at BMW

Cheers, Gary

Thanks Gary,
no problems streaming it then?


streamed fine for me

looked good!

Liked the rather large nonchalant drop off the rock from aaron midway too.