Culling the Herd

My main unicycles (apart from loaners and trainers) are

  • 19" trials
  • 24" muni
  • 29" muni
  • 36" commuter

Again, I am seriously considering selling the 29". I keep it at work to get around but don’t use it for muni or road.

If I had money, didn’t want to upgrade some parts on my 24 and weren’t looking into getting a recumbent, and had more space I’d keep it, but I could probably get $500 or so for it.

My idea is to sell it, then get 110/137 cranks for the Oracle 24. Keep it at work to get around and only take it home when I either do muni or want to ride along with some of the slower bike riders in my family.

Thoughts? In particular, what are 110mm cranks like on a 24 on the road/sidewalk. I imagine they are fine since I ride 127s on my 36 and some people ride 100-110s on 36ers.

I sure could use the space and money.

When skills expand and grow you will grow out of the 24. I am riding a fat 29 for down Jill now and thought 26 was the biggest you could use a few years ago

Uggh. Not the 24 vs. 29 debate again… :slight_smile:

Look, I am probably an intermediate unicyclist. I grew up on the 24. With shorter cranks, say 137s it is by far my favorite most versatile wheel size. If I had to have one uni, it would probably be the 24. You could do freestyle, trials, muni and short commutes with varying crank lengths in a pinch.

Of course it’s a personal thing. I don’t see myself going back to a 29 for muni, the 24 suits me fine. Again, if I had all the money and space I’d keep it, but I don’t.

What use are you getting out of the trials wheel? I’m tall enough to where a 24" can pull the kind of trials duty that I do just as well or better than my trials uni.

Can only have one uni:
26 - try to jack of all trades it

Can only have two unis, ditch the 26 and go:
24: trials and technical muni
29: the muni work horse. It was rough going at the beginning but now I prefer it if the trails aren’t super technical

Can only have three unis:
24 and 29
36: xc, commuting, and knockabout riding

Everyone is different, and it sounds like you’re ready to part ways with the 29er.

You have to get into the 29 Muni mindset, sounds like your in the 24…

It’s completely different riding style, they don’t cover the same terrain, but there is a lot of overlap.

I’m the opposite, I have a 24 KH Muni collecting dust that I was thinking to sell.

I don’t think 24 can be very effective for trials, it works a little but is very cumbersome. It works if you don’t have a dedicated trials 19, but the small wheel can’t be beat. I think the 24 is better suited to street riding than trials.

Guys I’m not saying that I want to do trials on a 24. My point is that it’s a versatile unicycle whereas for me the 29 is not, given that I have a 36 and don’t need to take it on buses and trains.

I have limited time and I like somewhat technical muni…when I actually do get the time to do muni. And no, I don’t want to spend the time required to have fun on a 29 in varied terrain. I’m also kind of small, so a bigger wheel in those kinds of situations doesn’t suit me.

So given that the 24 and the 36 will have to cover the ground that the 29 did, the 150 cranks on my 24 are too long even for muni. I prefer the 137s. Then I thought that I could make the 24 more versatile by using 110/137s, but I’ve never ridden a 24 on the sidewalk with 110s.

I imagine short paved trips are manageable and quite a bit faster on the 110s. I heard it’s awkward, but given that folk ride 36ers with that size and I currently am quite comfortable on my 36 with 127s even on hills, I imagine it would be fine.

Does anybody have experience riding a 24 with 110 cranks on paved surfaces?

You didn’t think you would get a bunch of unrelated keep this one vs keep that one replies to your post?

If you want to get rid of your 29er, post it at the trading post. If you want to get a bunch of differing opinions about which one to keep and which one to sell post here.

If you haven’t ridden it you want the extra space and cash, sell it. You’ll be fine. I can tell you from experience that the extra space will just be taken up by something else, and the extra cash will evaporate also… You just won’t have your 29er anymore. Sometimes it just doesn’t make sense to have a uni laying around that never gets used.

Alright you convinced me. I’ll leave it at work and maybe I’ll pick it up again someday.

Also there’s the possibility of building up a 700c wheel.

It is nice to have around when sometimes the 36 seems to big and the 24 not big enough. Imagine that.

I guess I wanted to be convinced not to sell it :slight_smile:

And in that case I guess I’ll pick up some single hole 137s.

Love the 24"(they’re ace) sell the 29" and get a recumbent :slight_smile:
I got a tadpole tr*ke and love it.


I decided to rebuild my Surley cross check. I’m going to drop the drop bars and get swept back bars to get me in a more upright position. It will cost way less than a nice recumbent, and probably be better for my commute.

My 29er stays next to my desk at work to get around town.