Cul-De-Sac Trials

Now that its summer its too hot during the day to ride, so I can only ride at night. But sometimes I don’t have time to drive places, so I’ve been riding just on my street. So I decided to make a short vid. The majority of it was filmed within a 3 hour period, so don’t expect much, but I enjoyed making it. The intros a little long, but I had to make it look I did something.


My vimeo account isn’t working so maybe I’ll make a new account later and post it there.

nice little video, the start is kinda stupid, but and was the measuring out 133cm gap really neccesary?

you definately got some nice stillstanding skills.

I liked the intro, and the music was cool. Nice hop at the end. Good vid.

Thanks, yea I was thinking about putting the 661 logo in there but I couldn’t find a spot to put it in, but this isn’t my real video anyway. I’ll have a video coming out at the end of the summer with footage I’ve been saving for a few months, I’ll make sure I put the logo in there.

Thanks for the nice comments.