Ctb street jam 2012

it’s all in the title :stuck_out_tongue:

That was soooo good Bobousse!
I wish we could hold something half as fun as that in the UK :slight_smile:

it’s not very difficult

take some bros, in a fucking good city, during a bad weather day, tell them to do something crazy for money, sex or/and alcohol
and paaaam, you’ve got a sweeeeet CTB session

haha CTB is the best team ever :smiley:
awesome riding, editing, ass-shots, bails, ass-shots, …

Really want to see you guys back at UNICON!!!
Nobody can make as much fun as frence (drunk) unicyclists :smiley:

That must have been fun. Great video! Lots of cheekiness in the background.

Challenge accepted Tim!

Great vid Bob, you’re so Street that if they tested your piss they would ban you from all competition due to unusually elevated levels of Street.


Me? Levels of street? Hahahaha

Definitely! Just generally, not exclusive to Unicycling styles.

Man I looooooooove Ducols backrev 180s, so so so so soooooooo nice. Loved the one footer gap and the rolling hop no hander thing.