Crushed stone bikepath uni recommendation

I think it is a Yuni which was UDC’s former brand name. My 29er is lightweight. It has a square tapered hub and the top of the frame is square, not rounded like the current Nimbus.

I use it for street/sidewalk riding and have taken it offroad on some very flat, easy trails. Riding full speed on the trails is a blast.

For general riding around you do not need a KH. Save yourself some $$$.

New uni on its way

Hi there
Will I decided to order the Nimbus 29" with the KH double hole 125/150 cranks.And also the t7 touring handle. This setup should last awhile.I should have it by Thursday.I’m waiting anxiously.
Thanks for your input

That should work. When you get your 29er, spend time riding it with and without the handle. I tried the T7 on my 29er but that did not last long. It just seemed to get in the way. It is a matter of finding what you like and what works for you.

I took my 29er out this morning on some more agressive trails than I have riden before on the 29. I think I spent as much time walking as I did riding.

I am still in pursuit of my ideal 29er tire.

Sorry about not replying to Spokes in time to be useful – I didn’t notice the activity on this thread.

I got 125mm cranks. I’m just a beginner, so my choice was based on advice/analysis similar to that from tholub and Wheel Rider. I would have gone with the dual hole 125/150 but they were out of stock at the time.

The 125mm cranks feel about right on my intended bikepath terrain, and seem to deliver the kind of speed I was looking for – faster than jogging, so my dog gets more of a workout than when I jog. Of course, it remains to be seen how much trouble I have learning to freemount. I was just starting to try before I got injured.


Arrival date 7/1

I think the 150’s will suffice.I have a county park across the street from where I live with a few hills that I want conquer.I’m able to ride them on my 24"but it requires to much pedalling.And as you know being in the same age bracket our joints can’t much abuse.
Get well soon

Post-shoulder separation update

I’m the guy who started this thread: was asking about what size uni to go for, then got a Nimbus 29", then separated my shoulder in a mishandled UPD.

I didn’t want to leave the impression that my story had ended in ignominious defeat.

After a few months I started unicycling again, but on my original 20", figuring it would be safer (slower, and closer to the ground). Got the freemount working a little better. Recently went back to the 29er, after replacing its 125mm cranks with KH 125/150 cranks set at 150. It usually takes a few failed attempts, but I eventually freemount it. It’s not pretty, but it’s enough to get me out riding bike paths with my dog.

And they lived happily ever after.

As long as you keep riding the story continues… And as you start to get better at unicycling that is when you need to think less and less about riding. That is when the sneaky bumps get you when you get distracted. The transition between riding and unplanned dismounting can happen very fast. Good luck and happy riding! :smiley:

If you ever want to go on a ride let me know. I don’t have the 29’er anymore, but I have a 24 MUni, and a 36’er. Either way it would be fun to ride with someone else on a uni.