crunchy pedal

Beirne Konarski writes:

>… I found that the right pedal started making crunching and popping noises
>while I rode. The pedal is the white plastic one that came with the Miyata. It
>doesn’t seem to be a problem yet, but I’m wondering if I should get new pedals
>right away, because the current one will slip off the post any time now.

I highly recommend the Sakae rubber-ended pedals Tom Miller sells for $18/pr. No
metal parts can come in contact with your leg or floors. They come in black or
white, have adjustable ball bearings, and though the black ones mark floors when
they drop, the marks rub right off like dry-erase markers for whiteboard.

I recently found out that Tom has metal replacement end caps for these pedals.
When I looked at the pair I ordered with my replacement pedals (I am still
looking for rebuild parts) I noticed they have a grease injection hole. With a
very cheap injection grease gun you can simply flush out old grease and any
contamination with a shot of new grease, without disassembly.

I got my first pair on my first uni and they lasted a whole year before one of
the bearing cones got a pit. These pedals are designed to be rebuilt, have
replaceable cups and cones (if you can find them) The internal parts are like
other Sakae brand pedals from the same period of manufacture.

The model # of these pedals, for our overseas friends, is SP550FB-BC-9/16 X 20
Made by Sakae Ringyo Co. LTD.

A crude ASCII sketch:

| |
| Hard Rubber/Plastic | ___________|
| | | |
/ _
/ _
/| |

| |Aluminum Alloy-Axle &Bearings Inside |
| | _____|
_________________________ ______|
\ / \ /
| | | |

| |
| Hard Rubber/Plastic | ___________________________________________|

Dennis Kathrens