crunchy pedal

I just got the Rough Terrain Unicycling tape (One I highly recommend). I’m not
ready to get into serious rough terrain work yet, but I figure I should at least
have better hopping skills for going up curbs. I had some free time this
weekend, but was out of town and only had my 20" Miyata deluxe to work on. I’m
improving slightly, but I found that the right pedal started making crunching
and popping noises while I rode. The pedal is the white plastic one that came
with the Miyata. It doesn’t seem to be a problem yet, but I’m wondering if I
should get new pedals right away, because the current one will slip off the post
any time now. I’d hate to learn this the hard way. If anyone has had similar
pedal problems I’d like to know the results.

Thanks, Beirne

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