Cruising with Trompy and Thwompy

Recent footy of the christening of the new 29er, out cruising along the northern end of the Schuylkill River Trail.
Also the first video I’ve put together since college.

Those 29’ers haul … Like the rock jumps.

I like your video,I particularly like that it feels like a journey rather than a collection of staged scenes whacked together.By the way those rock jumps are pretty special.:slight_smile:

Thanks. Those rock jumps were all my bro. This was the first time I was ever out on a 29er, after cruising on a 24 for three years. There’s a lot more tire to pick up overtop of obstacles now, so it’s taking some readjusting on my part. :stuck_out_tongue:

So I spent the money on the new uni, now I need to spend the money on a new camera. This was all done on a point and shoot still camera. Does the job just fine, but I’d love to find a point and shoot that does HD. Any suggestions?

i liked the filming! how did you get the camera so high in the air? and how did you get the following shots so smooth?

I have a monopod that is about 5 feet tall when fully extended. Attach camera, hold way up high, get sweet high angle footage. For the leading & following shots, we would hold the monopod upside down right above the ground while riding. Since that gave us a TON of upsidedown footage. Quicktime Pro, iMovie 08, and Final Cut can all rotate video.

It helps that the SRT is so smooooth.