Croud pleasers?


Im leaving in 1 hour to ride in a 4th of july parade, and was wondering what would be some good tricks to do? I was thinking seat drag, 360, wheel walk, 180unispin and some cool mounts. Got any other ideas?

Wheel walking doesn’t seem to be very appreciated by non-unicyclists; it seems no one knows how hard it is to do. Stomach on seat seems to be a hit and so does riding backwards; a well done simple skill seems to be more of a crowd pleaser then a difficult skill that doesn’t look very difficult (one footed wheel walking?) For example a 6’ side hop doesn’t look much more difficult then a 5’ side hop, a non-unicyclist doesn’t often seem to notice but just seems to judge how much technique/finesse you show when you ride/hop.

Act like a unicyclist!

One footed always seems to impress a non-rider

Gliding and stand-up wheel walk are great, provided you can do them reasonably well. Otherwise your list and the other tricks mentioned should be pretty good. I would be hesitant to do seat drag unless you have at least a 50% chance of picking the seat up again.

You posted at 7:37 am (my time), with a 1-hour time limit. The best advice I can give you (at about 9:20 am) is to plan ahead. At least give us two hours? :stuck_out_tongue:

The best way to make a good impression at a parade is to entertain the crowd. Since floats are always going to be more visible, and bands are always going to be more musically satisfying, acts like unicyclists need to do something other than be looked at or listened to as they go by. Put on a show! Comedy works best. If you have a group, jump over someone. If you’re juggling, be sure to drop one and pick it back up while riding. Jumping rope always works. Also big, swooping turns on a big wheel are great. If you want your picture in the paper, ride the tallest unicycle that will fit under the wires.

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> Yo,
> Im leaving in 1 hour to ride in a 4th of july parade, and was wondering
> what would be some good tricks to do? I was thinking seat drag, 360,
> wheel walk, 180unispin and some cool mounts. Got any other ideas?

it’s a bit late for my comment, but i’m always impressed by the kick-up
side mount.

backwards no-feet glide is pretty cool… :slight_smile:


Juggle. :wink:

Deeply offended. Don’t you know that celebrating Independence day is offensive and hurtful to citizens* of former colonial powers. I’ll sue for injury to my feelings! It’s the American way.:smiley:

Basic rule of performance: keep it simple, do it well. Rule 2: make eye contact - preferably with the crowd, but with yourself if all else fails.

*OK, subjects.:frowning:

Anyhow, its over, it went nicly, the thing that got people to applaud the most was 180 unispin into seat drag. And also a giraffe mount(by spencer)

I was going to ride in the 4th parade here, but we stayedup real late with fireworks and were too tired. Glad it went well.

i just finished up my fourth of july parade too, and the one foot riding and seat in back extended worked really well. i didnt get much for the stomach on seat, and heard one kid shout ‘hey! hes not riding his unicycle, hes jst leaning on it and pedaling!’, i was deeply offended :stuck_out_tongue: but it went well, and i got soaked by squirt guns and hoses, but i will hopefully atleast make it onto the tv, or maybe even the newspaper! :smiley:

Maybe I should have gone to that thing…oh wait i was doing yard work…

people always enjoy my back flips… j/k. i wish, if u can im sure people would love it. other wise i dont really know

Re: Croud pleasers?

Reading the various replies, i had a thought. <insert straight line>.

One thing that might – m i g h t – work for some kids is to build a
portable trials rig so they could demonstrate a few q00l trix^H^H^H^H
skills. You could make it towable, and maybe, if you were really good,
you could tow it, deploy it, do your tr^H^H skill demo, and then drag
it down the street to the next spot, all without ever dismounting. Add
a little jump rope action and … “Wow, that guy is the Best Unicyclist

A few pieces of wood and some old skate bogies or rollerblades etc.
and you’re there.


One footed impresses me!

sounds like you had a good parade.

I was at a party and got a little bored, so I pulled my uni out of the trunk and started playing basketball with some of the guys there. I got a lot of crap for it until I snagged the ball and made a shot from the foul line. Not that it really helps for parades, but playing basketball just as well as people on no wheels seems to impress.

I’d like to use this thread in my new magazine, is that okay?

Sorry about the identity crisis over there in the former empire… :roll_eyes:

Many of the losers of our civil war are in a similar state of denial. They’re way more up-to-date then you. Their event was much later, ending in the much more recent 1865!

(Not sure if you were bummed about 1812, or the one before that)

well (i know the time is up ut still) get a bunch of bead necklaces like at mardi gras, and give them only to the hott girls. thats what id do but then again i dont know if you like girls.