Crotchal Pain less on MUni than Coker

Remember when I rode 4 miles on the Coker and had to hop off because of ever-increasing uncomfortable situation in the binary digits? (I do)

This weekend I rode 4 miles on my Yuni MUni with Miyata seat. No pain (except my knuckle, which had popped a tree). The trail was by all accounts rather easy and mostly flat with dipsy doodles along the way. I can’t do 4 miles with too many long uphills yet. But had a few atta-boys along the way.

I attribute the painlessness mostly to more frequent UPDs. On the Coker, there were no UPDs in 4 miles. On the trail…maybe 20. The boys seem to appreciate this.

Another difference: Coker=manageable elevated heart rate. MUni=dramatic spikes in heart rate (many times followed by UPD)

Your not getting out of the Marathon that easyly- get out there… and… and crash more often.


I agree with you completely! I’d say it has do with the fact that on a MUni ride one is constantly off the seat [at least I am] to hop over an obstacle. And as you say … UPDs also help to give ones crotch a break.

With a properly designed seat on a Coker one can greatly increase the distance of travel before crotch pain becomes noticeable. For most people the stock seats [whatever the brand may be] don’t offer a very comfortable ride for longer distances. Everyone has their own little tricks and preferences for designing a comfortable seat, but in the end it really comes down to trial and error.

Of course, when you take the Coker off-road that changes everything.


A lot of people probably won’t agree with this but I think it’s also a bit to do with not thinking of the pain while muni-ing. When you’re riding your Coker I’m assuming that you’re just crusing along and it’d be easy to concentrate on the pain. While muni-ing (is that the right word?) I think even if it’s a simple track, you are forced to concentrate on where you’re going and how to get there (ie. between rocks and ruts, or over them if you’re feeling adventurous). Because you’re focusing on this, you also forget about the pain a bit.

What are the two seat you’re using?


You’re right about one thing. After a while, I could think of nothing else. My MUni has a Miyata seat. The Coker is borrowed but has a different seat…more acute at the weight bearing ridge. (Crotchal Zone).

I would put the Miyata on it but can’t get the dang nuts to come off.

I saw somewhere else about building up some camper’s closed cell foam pads…

And Chris (the proprietor of the Coker) says its OK to experiment with more/less air…etc.

My experience is quite limited on the big rascal. Never willing to surrender, I believe there is a way to comfortably ride the beast. Its a peculiar kind of fun. (pain or no)

Cor, soreness is one thing but that sounds painful… :smiley:

Phil, just me

I rode a Coker, and not for long, and i found saddle soreness to be a problem. Viscount seats just are not very comfortable.