Crotch nubmage (coker)

so… the title pretty says it all. i am pretty new to cokering. today was my second real ride, not that long just like 18mi. anyhow my junk went numb a total of 5 times or so. I was just wondering if thats part of the game or if theres some way around it. Also, i have a kh fusion freeride seat.

I suggest improving your pain threshold with a series of hot sauce drink-offs. Make it into a competition. Invite your friends. In a few short months that crotch numbness will seem like nothing.

Yes, this is very common. Although i dont do distant riding, or own a coker, its very common. The saddle causes loss of blood flow to your… parts… anyhow, terry (muniaddict) made some adjustments to a saddle, and from what i hear it works pretty good.

Maybe the best, most 100% foolproof way to avoid numbness entirely, would be to ride a 36er…ultimate wheel!:wink:


Yes it happens but seat angle/position can help as well

Since Terry is too useless to post this himself :stuck_out_tongue:

Another thing you could do is, while you are riding, stand up and pedal for a minute or two to let the blood flow back into your parts. I experienced this mostly near the end of my Qualifying Ride, and it’s not fun.

Alex, thanks for that i might try it.

You’ve got a little more to worry about than numbess if you were to mess up with a 36er ultimate wheel.

Haha I forgot. Oh, and go directly to page 4 for the latest mod.:slight_smile: