does anyone else notice has unicycling can help in other sports? ive noticed that ive had more balence in a variety of sports i play. such as basketball it helps me move better on the court and keep up instead of always on my ass. does anybody else notice any of this? :thinking:

Re: crosstraining

Yep, I unicycle instead of bike in the winter to get ready for track. Actually, most of the time, I run in the winter to get ready for track… But when I’m not running, I’m unicycling.

I seem to be a slower biker than I was before I started unicycling. It’s scary- my biking times are getting slower and my unicycling times are getting faster; the difference is getting less and less. Don’t know why that is- maybe I’m not so good at spinning the long cranks on a bike.

On the other hand- I think Tae Kwon Do helps with MUni- I always seem more flexible and looser after a good TKD workout. It makes me smoother on technical MUni and trials riding.

Running- I think MUni helped with my running uphill- after my 24hr MUni ride last year I did a Off-road Duathlon a week later. I must have passed dozens of runners on the steep climbs without a single person passing me; which I’m sure had something to do all that MUni I’d been doing.