Crossing The Line

Hey all, i am posting this to highlight an issue, our fellow unicyclist “tomtrevor” has now crossed the line. Here’s how it goes.

It was rather dark, and a mate of mine was really interested and wanted me to show him a trick, i then decided to do some stairs (about a set of 8, of which i have never attempted before and am quite novice at riding stairs). The stairs were only about a 10cm drop each, and about 50cm between each stair, i went down the first then the second one, then i get a HUGE shove in the back and i go flying forward over the stairs and onto rocks and garden. Luckily i wasnt hurt too bad in it, put those rocks sure did hurt. I got up and he was standing there then he just started running away as fast as he could, i chased for a little while but decided to stop.

tomtrevor i believe has lost all credibility. What do you guys think about this?

dam st8, i’d be quite happy to bend my uni around him and beat him to death with another one.

i think that is unbeliveible 9i thought unicyclers were nice guys always helping each and engaging in pleasant conversation

are you friends with him? or is he really just a random dickhead who post here?


Im sure there is two sides to this…


No doubt your paths are going to cross again. Either arm yourself with verbal barbs or failing that, a can of mace.

Just done a quick search.
Does this have anything to do with the welding thread?

the real question is why would he push you? theres another side to this story. And i also don’t feel a public forum is the place for people to talk about their feelings on another person but to each their own i guess…


You guys have got some problems you gotta sort out, maybe not the best idea to be posting this stuff here and all but yeah…
im sure he had a reason, im not sure if it was necessary but i guess thats human nature and boys can be boys

there prob is a reason but no excuse and by running away you know he knows what he was doing.

ummm it seems kinda funny to me man. idk. its like when me and my friend were golfing a wiffle ball at his house, and i missed connection with the ball 3 times, and then swung really hard again, missed, and had the golf club go flying through the air, consequently breaking my friends window. i ran away too but we laughed later. good times.

I don’t know what the reason was, we were going home after a big dance at our school, and i was walkind down to the car with me and my mate and hadn’t seen tom for over half an hour. Then out of no where he ran into me then bolted away.

I have a freind like this, He goes by “Spencer”. He tosses objects under my wheel while i am riding resulting in alot of pain.

hmm interesting, what exactly happens when someone sticks a stick in your spokes? (and the stick doesnt break in half)

It causes a sudden stop, causing the person in motion to stay in motion, Ie. You fall off!

i’ll have to give that a try tommorow, sounds pretty tricky, anybody got tips on how to learn to do it?

Actually, does anybody have a video of it?

Don’t do it. Be better, not the same.

people keep saying how there must be two sides to the story. can anyone tell me what you think the second side would be? i’ve been trying to think of a justifiable reason someone would do this and haven’t come up with anything yet.

Well, if the other guy posts here too, why don’t we just ask him?
Tomtrevor, what’s your side of this?