Cross training

Hello all. I have been a downhill MTB racer for years, and have a personal best wheelie of 4 miles on my full suspension bike… So I thought, what to do to get better…And here I am.

Got a 24" Sun 2 weeks ago. I can get up on it and ride for a couple blocks at a time. Been looking around at the site and have seen some videos that are crazy. I had no idea you could do some of that stuff, now have some tricks to shoot for.

I race cars and this will be my new “pit bike” to get around on. It fits better in my car than the big bike.

Welcome to the forums!!

What MTB do you do, is it more recreational or are you more professional? maybe in the middle somewhere? lol

For getting better at riding your wheelies, I’m not sure how much a unicycle will help, seeing how the balancing from doing a wheelie and riding a uni are pretty different in some ways, but in some ways they are the same, and doing one should somewhat help the other. =p

What tricks are you gonna try to learn? Learning to ride SIF (seat in front), hopping SIF, regular hops, and rolling hops are good to practice, 180s are pretty easy to do once you get good at hopping, riding backwards, idling, riding one-footed. Those are some basic things you can start working on. =p

You’ll be a hit at the races! Welcome to the world of unicycling.

A wheelie 4 miles long hmmmm… sounds very difficult
For me that’d be much much harder than riding a unicyle because of the extra weight of the front wheel and handlebars etc
good effort

you might think of unicycling as a way to improve your MTB’ing
but you also might get to like it heaps and heaps
good luck

I think mountain biking and automobile racing will both compliment your unicycle riding.

The connection with MTBing is more clear, but the nerves and judgment you probably exercise while racing both help your uni skills tremendously. I think many of the advanced skills require keeping your head while letting your intuition and innate sense of body mechanics take over.

I am more the recreational racer… Wish I could get paied for racing. I like doing a lot of freeride and street stuff on the bike, I will be doing mostly street stuff on the uni. Thanks for the list to learn…

Can’t be too much worst than the cars around my home… No one in my city can drive!

heheh, I do like it a lot, and it has only been 2 weeks, I am HOOKED. Can’t wait to be able to ride all the way around town.