Cross country unicycling - Wales

The little ditty below appeared in the Daily Star (UK) of June 28, 2004. It is simply a collection of (supposed) text messages sent with no further explanation. Some are obscene and I’ve only included the pertinent one.

Anyone know of this?

Raphael Lasar
Matawan, NJ


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28 June 2004
Daily Star
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chris fox, wales Good luck to Jony O’Brien, Robert Price Merthyr for his charity unicycle ride across Wales, Good on you mate.

The Daily Star is one of those nasty tabloid papers that mainly consists of:

An incredibly obtuse story about the sexuality of a Big Brother housemate or some other figure of national disinterest.

This story will normally take up several pages.

Another insensitive article about asylum seekers.

Somewhere in the middle of the paper will be something the editors decide is of no interest to the nation, par example the war in Iraq or the state of the NHS.

The remaining 60% of the paper is filled with ringtones for mobile phones and adult call lines.

Not worth reading, even if it does contain the odd reference to unicycling!