Cross country trip in 1978?

I was riding my bicycle (is that a bad word here?) east across the USA in 1978 and I think it was in Baker City, Oregon I first heard, “Have you seen the guys on the unicycles?” I remember a serious climb that day and a gnarly descent. “Unicycle? Now that’s tough!” The next day was easier, but the same greeting when we pulled into town. This went on for two weeks! These guys were doing 60+ miles a day! Well, our paths must have diverted and we never met them. Does anyone know who these guys were? Did they make to the east coast? I just want to thank them for a great story to tell.

Bump in case any elders know the answer.

Cross country

The only one I know of from that period was in 1981…a guy named Keith Cash. Here’s a link:

His web page says his trip was in 1981 though. You probably remember the year you rode cross country pretty well…so it must not have been him. Also, he traveled alone.

The first guy to ride across the United States was a man named Walter Nillson. He did it during the Depression years around the mid-1930s, I think. A publicity stunt at the time. He sold me my first unicycle in 1961–quite a guy even then, despite his age. Had a dark and cluttered shop and sold us a 12" pneumatic tire unicycle for my 10th birthday. Really wish I still had it.