Croatian MTB and Unicycle Downhill Cup

Croatian MTB and Unicycle Downhill Cup

Gračišće, 27th - 29th April 2007

Maybe as one of the first big DH races in Europe, the Gračišće Downhill race will do a separate class for unicycles this year. At you can find some information about the track and a lot of pictures from last year.
The track is 2132 meters long, starting at an altitude of 450m and ending at an altitude of 100m with technical and speedy parts. You can also win some amazing unicycle prizes.
Cost will be 20 € and for that you will get free camping and food which we will specify more detail about soon. You will find a trials track also and there is a lot of XC tracks around there. Also a trials competition between bikes and Unis will be a part of the weekend.
They provide professional time measuring for the race and local TV is there. David Weichenberger, the actual World Champion in Downhill, supports us in planning and will try to ride there, also top riders from Germany, Austria, Slovenia and France planning to come.

So come on and sign in for that great adventure.

Too bad about the timing. We’ll be unicycling through Croatia in June…have fun whoever goes to this event. It sounds great.


i have some land there, some really nice places to ride.

There really isn’t a cheap option to get there unless you have a free lift from treviso.

When i next go down it’ll prob be driving and for over a mth as it takes around 30hrs normal driving to get down there. And if your a nutter on a motorbike around 20.

Sure i posted some info on one of the major parks on a mountain that has lots of routes and really LONG.

I’m norm in the istria region.

What are the nearest airports? This sounds like fun

Hmmm, Rejika would have been cheap a few months ago, Trieste isn’t that far but its two borders to cross

thompson doing poole soon.

2 borders take no time at all. it’s trieste that is a pain it’s like Birmingham spaghetti junction hit with a bomb

actually checking map this is right around the corner from mine :smiley:

if you go into the b&b there they will know me if you just mention unicycle :smiley:

Ok scrap that post.

I know the area very well, I’ve stayed at a really nice B&B. Super clean and the biggest pillows of your life.

Svetlena is her name and if you mention me and unicycle she will remember. It’s across the palace.

If you going to drive down some time mention it to me and I’d love to come down and have a hol.

I’ll dig out some pics tomorrow.

ok i am from croatia

closest airport are Pula and Rijeka

i know there are very cheap flight from UK to Pula 30-€ or so and we can ogranize transport from pula to gracisce and also from Rijeka

the race is very temping, you get to compare your times withsome of the top DH riders in Europ in uni and also in Bike . Trials is also there and not to mention all the other people that will be there. If you seek atention you can be sure that you will have it becouse all tv houses and press will be there to see spectacle. If there are any interest we can go one day after or before to north shore near Gracisce. i will post all the videos and pics soon


filmed before the race on first part of track

video report on one tv in croatia
video link 1

another video on that tv video link 2

very silly par of race video link 3

pics 1

pics 2

pics 3

If you looking for cheap flights it could be useful to look also for flights to Cologne, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Düsseldorf cause it seems that some Airlines from different countries start their cheap offers not before may but they do cheap flights to Germany and from there it is possible to get cheap flights to Rijeka / Pula.
As Matej wrote, we will organize transport from Airports to Gracisce. It will be also useful to post free places from people that go by Car.

Thanks Matej for posting the pics and Videos, I forget about :slight_smile:
Croatia offers beautiful landscape, very nice people, good beer, good food interested audience and Press, very history Townships and don’t panic, most of them are able to speak German and / or English. It’s a must to visit one of the most beautiful countries in the world I think :smiley:

For those with much more time, I want to add that there is also QU-AX Spring Camp from 04.04 up to 13.04 in Vodice which is also in Croatia but more close to Split.
Fell free to ask for more Information cause the Page is only in German.
It’s a Trial, Muni and Hockey Camp for riders between 9 and 17 years but with no realy fixed age border :slight_smile:

well tbh it’s to short notice now being BUC a week in advance. What i’ll deff do it for next year and i’ll comedown for a mth :slight_smile:

i would like to state that ecery rider is on their own on the track

professional time measurment

no wheelsize restriction

here is the video of the first part of stage

i must say that it is going to be a sligtly different becouse every winter water is doing a little decoration :smiley:

video link stage