Croatia-Video by Elliot Hofman, Lorenz, Raphael & Elias Pöham


This is a Video we did in Vodice in Croatia while Eastern.

Have fun like we had :slight_smile:




That was awesome :astonished:
This video was so cool and there were to many crazy things to write it down here;)
i hope we all can ride together in the summer holidays :roll_eyes:

-keep it up

awesome video! As it is a big file and good quality maybe some like this:…

Amazing latland from Elliot and Raphael! Too much good flatland to point out anything specific…


mmMM mmmMMM MMMM!! Loved it. Some crazy creative flat in there. Loved the tire hops moves. Raphs trick where he hoped on wheel to 90 to both feet on one side of the frame to 90 hop on wheel, awesome. As always, Elias’s flat was refreshing. Lorenz is better at flat then me :stuck_out_tongue: and Elliot… the beast, loved all his riding and he definitely takes out player of the day for this vid.

Great video. Lorenz is getting so good. I’m liking that Elias is still “trialing”. :slight_smile:

Haha, I noticed Elias taking some photos, what kind of DSLR do you guys have?? (assuming it’s a DSLR).

Awesome video guys,


Awesome! This is the best vid out in a while. The flat is crazy. I definitely put you guys on the same level as Adrien Delecoix and Loic Baud in terms of flat. Creative, smooth, pure awesome.

And Lorenz is getting crazy.

AWESOME :smiley: Nothing to say about it… it’s just awesome :stuck_out_tongue:

very nice!!

thanks for your comments:)


watch in HD;)


so crazy i think now i know the trick you ment raphi :roll_eyes:
after watching i have to go out and ride flat havn’t been on uni for a week:(


so cool !!!

what is the name of the first song?

Sing for the moment by eminem :wink:

thx, and the movie was really good :smiley:

Awesome video!
Too bad you didn’t use ‘Dream On’ instead. :wink:

:astonished: Awesome!!! :astonished: love this video!!!

wow :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: great

wow this vid is really wow the triple backwraproll from elliot is great