Croatia-Video 2010


We spent 1 week in croatia for filming this video. It was a lot of fun.
There will come out another Fun-Video, but it will take its time.



watch in HD.

We put a lot of effort in this vid, so let us know what you think about riding, editing and filming (:

Enjoy and comment ;D


Awesome vid! Nice editing! Keep it going!

Excellent edit! I loved the opening sequence.:smiley:

The 180 out of the 12(?) set at 2:51 was really nice, as well all the other riding:)

Thanks for adding to all the great videos that have been coming out lately!

that was amazing in every way!

Havn’t watched it completely yet but I have to say that the intro was really creative!

EDIT: The coast to drop was really cool, it’s fun to do, but I havn’t tried with a drop that big :o 12 set handrail was cool, with the 180 out, even more. The angle of the 180 out was much more impressive too. Ludwig scuff coast was long and smooth! Double + Triple line = SICK, the crankflip, double, triple on the 4 set was nice too.

There wasn’t too many flatland clip even tho there was a boost at the end :stuck_out_tongue:

Really nice vid Raph, really good.

great! i love it, those pictures are fantastic! riding like always: perfect! i liked also the editing especielly the opening scene.

yeah raphi!
excellent work on the editing (:
too bad i kinda broke my wrist on the 3rd day and couldn’t ride seriously anymore ):

  • see you next weekend (;

I will just give the same comment as on facebook ^^

Ö awesome vid!! really… great editing! (the beginning was sick Ö)
and the riding was so good… A LOT of original tricks and really nice handrails and combo’s and… ^^
and the filming was beautifull :smiley:

5/5 !! Best film I’ve seen in a very long time!!!.. Lees verder

hey intro war kreativ! der grind hat mir am meisten getaugt.
sehr gutes video!

No comment :wink: Just awesome! The intro rocked!

Wow, your editing is way out of hobby league you could almost get a job with it :smiley:
Awesome tricks guys, too many insane tricks at once to even remember half of it.
smoothest looking trick imo goes to elias with the footplant thingy down the set :wink:

thanks alot for all the great comments :slight_smile:

Good editing to compliment the great camera work. The intro sequence was so cool, really fun to watch. The video flow was so smooth I would have thought it was telling a story. I guess it was.

I think one of the things that made it for me as a video was the flow between locations and time. I felt like I was getting a peak into what must have been an awesome week-long trip to Croatia. There were a few location changes that broke the flow slightly for me, but overall it was excellent.

Probably one of the most enjoyable unicycling videos I’ve watched in a while.

wo0t :astonished:
favorite street moves:

  • coasting into drop
  • crankflip off the tree
  • footplant combo yeah!!

Great video, great riding.

Outstanding video! :astonished:

Riding was crazy. Flowy and awesome.
Filming and editing were just perfect. I couldn’t have asked for a better video to keep me occupied until I can ride again :roll_eyes:

Amazing vid!

Raph, your editing, filming and riding get better every vid! theyre so good :smiley:

Just totally sick, i just loved the treytriple and the tripleflip by Lorenz. The 3,5 scuffcoast was insane too, and the footplant by Elias down the set was cool too. :p:D

And the editing was AWESOME! :wink:

Nice to see another doing 360 sidespins on wheel. Treytriple, 12 rail, and all the flat were sick. Great video overall with filming and edit too.

Has Raphael gotten quads on flat?

The intro was totally awesome.

Was the 180out of the handrail landed???

AWESOME vid, editing, filming, music, riding etc.

Elias is the best :stuck_out_tongue: Loved all his tricks