We went to Croatia and I made a video.Hope you enjoy!

(Marci Reketye’s personal static hop record: 108 cm :))

Cool video! Looks like there are a lot of good trials spots in Croatia. You’re really good at trials too. :slight_smile:

Great video and music. Awesome riding.
The way all people stopped walking to look at you was hullarious. :smiley:

Oh and welcome to the froum. :slight_smile:

woah! 108 static?!
that’s insane, you’re elite!
how come nobody’s heard of you?

We have one video.In video I jumped 103 cm.

Sick sick sick!

Wow! awesome. I love elite trial vids :D.

Y’know, the only thing I didn’t like about this video was how easy you make everything look :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously awesome stuff!

Stunning! That is some serious pro hopping!

some nice ass stuff in there marci and laci but the edit was horrible and you could have really worked on the filming and song choice. but once again nice riding

Great video, next time come to capital of Croatia…Zagreb :smiley:

Oh thank you Aidan :smiley: Are you staying in Hungary now?

yes i might come back for a school year but not sure if i dont then next summer i will live here

cool!then we ride lots of together :smiley:

Cool video! Awesome riding. Everything was crazy.:slight_smile: