Croatia Fun Vid

Raphael upload part two of his “Croatia Story” so see more awesome stuff from Elliot and the Pöham brothers :smiley:

as it is an HQ mov file you should download it here: Croatia Fun Vid

but for sure you can also watch it here as flash, mov and soon also as wmv

So have a lot of fun :smiley:

Funny :slight_smile: Liked the rubix cube and Shaun impersonation.

Elliot’s 630-180-540-270 was sweet. Can he do it on a 20"?

Nice! Very enjoyable!:smiley:

Croatia is so beautiful!

it´s not a 630 its 450

Nice unispin Olaf! :slight_smile:
The video was funny.

can he 540 on the tire on a trials uni?

I can almost without crossing on my 20, but no i cant.

Is Lorenz annoying, Elliot?
LOL :smiley:

Best vid EVER XD

Lorenz is the most stupid sheep :D:D JOKE !

Lol, notice where lorenz is holding his hands at 04:55 :smiley:

And what was the thing you guys was drinking?

Lorenz ist ein Schaf :wink: haha

Liked the part where we catched Elliot and took him to the “shower” :smiley:
And of course the part where you cleaned up your room and the cooking session.

LOL, the hand start at hes breast and get down to the private place lol :smiley:

Fun vid! I like your this stuff alot more than your serious vids :smiley:

marco is a rabbit :wink: haha

that was tastic as (fantastic) hehe

Hah, that was pretty sweet. Impressive Rubiks cube skills!

Also, did anyone else see the frame breakage coming? When he was wheelhopping, I thought that the frame looked a bit sideways, and then I wasn’t too surprised when it broke. It’s nice to see that it was still put to good use though, even after it broke :p.