Cro-mo seatpost

I have recently bought a Cro-mo seatpost after snapping my original Onza braned alu one where it joins the seat mounting plate. My Cro-mo one looks a little feable strength wise and wondered if it would be possible to beaf it up by welding some metal on to it. Would I melt the seat post with an arc welder? If not what setting should I use???


Ollie :slight_smile:

whoa…the cr-mo looks feeble compared to the alu? you realize that cr-mo is steel, right? honestly, I don’t think it would need much beef-uppage.

cromo post is good

the alu is thicker because it is weaker. the cromo is thinner, stronger but heavier. i snapped the stock KH post (took about 5 weeks riding) and am now waiting for my local UDC to have stock of the cromo so i have a replacement.
should outlast any other standard unicycle seatpost by a huge factor.


Hi, thanks, I just wanted to know as the post looks a little feable where it joins the seat plate so I was thinking of beefing it up with a few more welds


Dude are you joking?:stuck_out_tongue:
A CrMO seatpost is MUTCH stronger then a alu one.
You don’t have to weld anything.


I’ve broken 2 seatposts, one alu and one steel… had them both welded back together and haven’t had any more problems yet. Maybe the welding made them stronger?

Someone was willing to weld your aluminum one? I’d think that expense wouldn’t be worth it.

It actually didn’t cost anything, my girlfriend’s little brother’s doing some sort of welding/joining diploma so I passed it on to him. I think he said his tutor did the aluminium one for him… one of these guys?