crnk slide movie

well I know this isnt fasinating to all of the people here but i did learn how to crank slide so i thought I would show you guys to of the better clips…

movie :smiley:

nice one home boy

Not bad for your first one.

I practice that at the local skatepark once in a while, but I can only get about 12 inches.

Niiiiice… any tips? I’ve been trying to learn, and i usually get on, slide 1-3 feet, then fall off. I’ve been practicing it on a slick(ish) stone wall above some stairs.

you mean a ledge ?

I mean what I said. None of these:
1. A horizontal projection forming a narrow shelf on a wall.
2. A cut or projection forming a shelf on a cliff or rock wall.
3. An underwater ridge or rock shelf.
4. A level of rock-bearing ore; a vein.

Just a standard, run-of-the-mill low wall.

horizontal walls are hard to grind on unicycles. that is why eljest assumes you where talking about a ledge (sloped wall).

tip, find a ledge. I don’t know what else to tell you, it’s all about practicing and figuring out the lean.

My bad, that was a miscommunication. I think of a ledge as one of the above four (stolen from websters). The wall is sloped.

By the way, how much does that help? IO can go farther on sloped stuff, but I still can’t land it… was there one particular thing that helped with the landing?

niiiice…try doing it just on your pedal, to get less friction, and more distance. but yes, that was very good for just learning.

I thought that friction did not rely on surface area, and that surface area was usually associated with rolling friction, not two non changing surfaces?? Any engineers out there to confirm this?

according to my good-ol statics textbook from last year

The theory of dry friction is f=u*N
f is the (max) force due to friction
N is the normal force
u is the static/kinetic coefficient of friction (for a stationary/moving body)

u depends on the the materials contacting and the conditions (smoothness and degree of contamination by other materials) of the surface.

so, according to Bedford and Folwer, surface area doesn’t play apart in friction…

Hmm Ive never heard it called a crank slide before…well that was cool man, congrats!

thanx for al the comments. Yeah I have tried with just my pedal but your balance has to be bang on

I want your skatepark. Nice job, though.