CrMo ISIS cranks

Hey guys and gals,
I am looking for a set or two of ISIS cranks. I actually just need the ISIS coupler/ female spline portion of the crank. Does anyone know of a source for this type of part. I have beat Google to within an inch of its life. NOTHIN
Little help

You can cut apart some ISIS cranks, the only ones I know of that are steel are the QuAx Chomoly Street Cranks, pretty expensive ($90) for demolition.

What’s your plan?

I spoke with Roger at in the UK and your right $90.00 + shipping.
I’m working on a 3 speed 29er.

The Torker DX comes with cromo cranks; even if they aren’t sold separately you could maybe find some as takeoffs, or from a used/broken DX.

UDC UK also has Koxx ISIS cranks on sale which are a little cheaper than the Quax ones (they were the first result for a google search for me).

Might be cheaper to hire an aluminum welder?

Pretty cheap


Thats the best $$ I have seen. less than in the UK.

Thank you everyone. I need steel for my project not aluminimum. The one on will work perfect. Seems crazy to cut up new cranks but I can not find a single supplier of an ISIS coupler.

Less than these?

Currency converter

I will have to figure out the actual US $$$ first.

Cool project- internal geared of jackshaft design?


You have the jack shaft part right

The jack shaft LOW is the way I have gone with this project, you are quite perceptive. I will post a few pics over the weekend. Its a bit outside the box, but so was the lightbulb at one time.

No problem, if I am not riding I am cruising for parts and deals on virtually all the European online stores (no wonder I am always skint) :stuck_out_tongue:

Project sounds cool I look forward to seeing more details on how you are going to reduce back lash and have fixed drive in both directions as these are common issues in other attempts at a jack/lay shaft setup. Internal planetary gears are the way to go bat are prohibitively expensive and require another level of engineering skill and equipment.Man I miss working in a model / machine shop as I would have loved to have built my parts :frowning: