Criss Homes 29er with everything

for free. I know somebody that doesn’t use thiers much would rather have me ride it for them. I don’t want one with out brakes, so don’t even ask! If it doesnt have a computer so I hope you would buy this for me also. I would apreciate a timely response.
thank you in advance.

Sorry but firstly it’s Kris Holm and not Criss Homes. And no one will ever give you a free KH29 with brake a cycle computer for free.

I’m am 100% positive this is a joke.

I am 100% positive this is a joke.

+1 (because of all these threads asking for free stuff)

Most likely, especially considering the computer demand.

I have an extra Criss Homes I could send you.
It has a diamond encrusted logo… I hope that’s ok.
And I’m only willing to send it via Fed Ex overnight, at no cost to you.

damn, you got in there and offered before me. do you have the version with the solid gold rim?

Don’t forget the computer.

I’ll take yours! I always wanted to have a Criss Homes uni with the solid gold rim. Does yours comes with the new 10 speed Ti schlumphf hub?

Watch out you don’t get Criss Homes '01 version, the solid gold rim is a little weak and the integrated HAL9000 cycle computer sometimes malfunctions;)

I have a Criss Homes '01 and man I know what you’re talking about. I landed pretty rough on a curb drop riding across town one day so now theres a break in the rim…just a big old crack…

oh wait! perfect! its got a brake!

Make sure you don’t forget buying a computer for him as well.

I took a while

for this thread to start rollin’, I just wanted to see the responses you guys would come up with. I found this site a few months ago and I am already sick of the “anybody got a free uni for me” threads. At least post “will work for uni” , trade something or think up abetter angle than “give me”. Then again if any one has a kh muni or something I will gladly take it off your hands.
I really am looking for a 29er, and I would actually “pay” for it.

I would need t see some pictures, and figure out where I live before I could accept an offer like that.

I would rather have a clay model or a cardboard mock-up.

This is starting to sound like Don’t Even Reply.

Thats it! Now if I can find it in 29 inch with a crinkle-wall drag tire I’ll be set.

and don’t forget the computer - might want a custom computer that measures by the inch with those special tires.