Crested Butte Freeriding!

Yesterday I got the chance to visit Crested Butte (I’m staying a few weeks over in Lake City, Colorado). I brought my KH24 along and decided to buy an all day summer lift pass and ride some of the downhill trails via the Red Lady Express chair lift. Although none of the trails were super challenging it was still a lot of fun to be able to just go down, down, down! Most ways you went you got about 960ft of descent over around 2 miles back to the base area. I ended up riding most of the routes (some more than once). Since I got a very late start, only got going at around 12:00 and the lift closed as 14:30, I only had the chance to squeeze in 5 runs or around 12.5 miles of mostly downhill! I had a lot of fun and one young guy asked if I knew about a local Crested Butte unicyclist? I forget his name but I know I’ve seen some of his videos on this forum? Sorry no picts. just some beta to let others know to give the Crested Butte summer lifts a try. I obviously wasn’t the first unicyclist to do this as the lift operators didn’t even bat an eye when I rolled up! Still turned the heads of several hikers and bikers though.


Did he ride trials? I might have seen him around.
Or maybe it was me…

To be honest I’m a half hour’s drive from the Butte but they might have gotten confused.

Sorry about the double post but just one question:

How much exactly does the pass cost? I might take the bus up sometime.

Summer Lift Rates One Ride/All Day/2 of 3 Day/Week
Adult $15 $20 $25 $30
Child (7-17) $8 $12 $15 $22
Senior (65+) $8 $12 $15 $22
Group $12 $16 $21 $27


Was there a lot of snow up there. I’m going up on July 18-20.

OK I’ve got it all arranged and I’ll be going up tomorrow from around midmorning to early afternoon.

EDIT: Maybe I’ll meet you out there, I plan on getting a few week-long passes over the summer.

I’ll either be on my KH20 or Nimbus24 depending on what mood I’m in.
Perhaps both if I get my carry case worked out by then.

Sorry I haven’t responded, I’m kind of off the grid so to speak. I’m staying over in Lake City, CO and just made a day trip to Crested Butte to try the summer ski lift out. I had a great time but don’t think I’ll be back up that way this year :frowning: Anyhow have fun! You’d probably be happier with the Nimbus 24 for the downhill. There did appear to be a small skate park adjacent to the lifts so the KH20 might be fun there?

I’ve skied up there quite a lot so I think I can find my way around;)
Something came up and I won’t actually be able to go up there until Monday.

Today I’ll actually be riding about 20mins out of lake city, though the chances of me seeing you are probably very slim–unless you decide to go to my aunt’s house…but that would just be creepy.