Creepy Crawler

Does anyone know where you can get maxxis creepy crawlers?
and is the front or back one better??

try gary -

email him

$30 from here

is the front or rear one better?

You want the rear for trials, it’s 2.5".

And it’s the wheel that trial bikes use to hop.

Just make sure you rotate it every now and then, I know a few people who’ve worn down theirs in about 2 weeks.

do u need the trials 19" rim or will it fir on a normal 20"?

You need a 19" rim for it.

No trial tires fit onto regular 20" bmx rims.


Oh yeah… that one…

Almost no trials tires fit on normal 20"bmx rims, unless they state that they actually do. Like that one.

Maxxis Creepy Crawler doesn’t.

they also have the luna trials tires.

you need the rear tire cos its the fat one and yes you do need a 19" trials rim.