Creepy Crawler on an old DX20 rim?

I searched the archives and couldn’t find any topics that answered the question so, sorry if it’s already been discussed, I couldn’t find it.

Can I put a Creepy Crawler tire on my 2004/05 Torker DX20? Is it too big for the rim? Too big for the frame?

I’ve got a hookworm on it now but, would like something bigger. I know that the newer DXs have the CC tire but, they also have different rims and frames so, will it fit the older ones? I bought it used so, I don’t know what the original tire was but, I know that I have almost exactly a half of an inch clearance between the tread on the hookworm and the bottom of the crown.

Thanks alot.

Sorry, got another question too.

If I can’t put a CC on it, what are some bigger tires(20x2.0+) that will fit? Preferrably not too knobby but, it doesn’t really matter too much. I’m big and heavy so, it just needs to be able to support my weight when I hop around, without bottoming out like the hookworm does.

Yes, it’s got plenty of air in it. It’s rated at 110psi and, I have it at about 100psi. I weigh 230lbs and can feel it bottom out when I hop.

I’m alsmost positive it would.

But is there any reason you want to get a CC? The try-all is better in almost every aspect.

I’m just looking for something bigger. I’m new to unicycling and have never really heard of “try-all”. Where can I find more info on them?

Hi Rico

If the Hookworm 20" tire fits on your rim then then the 19" (20x2.5") Creepy Crawler won’t and the TryAll 19" (20x2.5") won’t fit either.

You can get 20x2.0" Creepy crawler or TryAll tires that will fit your rim but they have no where near the volume the 19" has.

The biggest tire you can fit on a standard 20" rim is either the 3-G 20x3.45" or Onza 20x2.4". They were both on the website but I can’t find them now. The onza has a knobbly trials tread, the 3-G has a slick tread.


The Creepy Crawler fits on a 19" Trials rim only, so it won’t fit on your old dx rim.

As for tire clearance, I went out and did an experiment to see how well a creepy crawler would fit into the DX frame (with an alexD32 rim), and it’s a close call. My worn tire fits with just under an eighth of an inch to spare. With some hammering a new one would definitely fit, though.

And just for fun, here is the same wheel in an old LX frame (my current unicycle). Just in case anyone doubted that it would fit…

Schwalbe Big Apple 20"x 2.35"

you could allways shave it… then it would probebly work fine, but then again, it’s useless for trials! :stuck_out_tongue:

That tire is freaking awesome, I use one but theres no way it would fit in the old torker frame. Mine doesn’t even really fit in my Nimbus II frame, I have to run it pretty soft and it still rubs.

Damn. That’s a pretty sweet looking tire and perfect for what I’m looking for. It’s a shame it wouldn’t work. What’s the distance from your rim edge to the tread edge? I’m just trying to work out how much room I’d need to have.

Does anyone know of any type of shim or extention for the fork ends? Just to make them 1/4-1/2" longer so that larger tires would fit. I’m envisioning some kind of metal piece that’s shaped like the existing fork end(with bolt holes and bearing cap) but, molded to fit exactly in the place of the existing bearing area. I wish that I were a metal crafter, I’d just make one. But, being a carpenter, I don’t think that a wooden one would last as long.

Also the Kenda Flame is 20X3 (really only about 2.5"). My 20" frame doesn’t have enough top clearance. I know it would fit it in my 24" Torker DX frame, but I haven’t done it. The tire fits on my 20" rim very loosely, making me concerned of it coming off and the sidewalls are very thin (it’s brand new, and I can see threads on the sidewall).

Also only about 2.5"


I feel like you may have bought the wrong uni. for what it sounds like you are doing. I wish you would have told me more, it sounds like you want a trails uni. If your bottoming out the hookwerm at 100psi then you are going to break the hub or cranks or both.

I set that up for freestyle. It can handle light 1 foot drops but it’s not really set up for “hard drops” or pogo sticking around.

The original tire was a chin shin 20x1.5 the hookwerm is way better.

Yeah, the more that I ride it, the more I realize that. I thought that getting into freestyle would be cool but, I really just want to ride around town and hop up and down things.

If nothing else, I’ll keep it around for a trainer. I teach kids how to ride so, I need a spare.

The really crappy thing is that, I’m now moving in a month and need all of the cash that I have so, getting a trials uni is sort of out of the question right now. I’ll try to keep it to light hopping. I don’t really do drops over 6" anyway.

just get the front tire version of the creepy crawler and it will fit.
you need a different rim if you want to ride with a creepy crawler.