Creepy Crawler on a koxx one uni

i’m about to get a new unicycle(koxx one whitewidow) and i’ve been hearing a lotabout ho the try-all tires wear down really quick, i figure that i’ll wait unti it’s looking pretty bald and beyond repair and then upgrade to a better tire. i like the creepy crawler that i have and i was wondering i there would be any problem with putting a creepy crawler tire on a koxx one uni?
p.s. i did a couple of searches and din’t find anything that was of any help.

yup it will fit. The tryall rims are standard 19’’ trials rims so any trials tire will fit on it. congratulations on your new unicycle.

thanks, yea i can’t wait, i’llbe ordering i as soon as my dad comes home, (i try to respect him and not use his credit card without him being home)

Would you sell the Try-All tire brand new? I might buy it if the price is right.

no i’m gonna use it for a while and see how i like it compared to the the creepy crawler

If you dislike it after a week, I would still buy it :slight_smile:

thats cool guess we’ll jut have to see what happens

Creepy Crawlers wears down just as fast, if not faster.
I really like my try-all, better than the creepy crawler.

yeah creepy crawlers are no better at wearing down, only the luna tyres on mdc or from darrens wear down more slowly. Possibly the monty and the onza ones as well.

Dont bother orderign one now, the tryall tyre is very nice, althought just because of price i’ll probs get a CC when i have to change it.

of course i’ll ride with a bold try-all for a while… i’ll have to nick some sand paper before i leave school :smiley:

thanks those are pretty encouraging words, i like the tread pattern on the try-all better, one of my friends has a try- all tire and i like the way it feels on trials stuff better so i’m glad to hear that it’s just as durable