Creative Types... Need help on Uni Club Design Contest!

The Atlanta Unicycle Club is working on becoming more organized. We now have an actual website that is in the process of being designed, and we are working on setting up formal positions to dole out responsibility, and of course meeting at regular times at a regular location.

Just like others on the forum we are having trouble coming up with something that would look great on a shirt to promote the club. The kind of thing that would really represent the club, create an identity. I have seen some awesome stuff from others on this forum, and I am hoping you can help us. We are suffering from a creativity block. I can’t even tell someone who is creative what I would like…

So I am begging for help.

Heck lets make this interesting…

Best Design gets a $50 gift certificate to

The AUC board members will vote on the design entries in 2 weeks.

Format needs to be printable for Shirts, Usable on the web and all entries become the property of AUC.(Don’t really mean that, just read it somewhere.)

Top ten entries will receive by mail a copy of ESPN/GSN DVD(2004 Unicon Coverage and 2004 NAUCC coverage) and Under No Influence DVD. These are copies not originals. So make your submissions count.

How much time do I have left?

Two weeks. I think I posted this early this morning like 12:05am. Thanks for your interest. I love your work already as you know.

Thirteen Days.


Exciting to hear things are moving with your club. Keep us posted on details as it get going.


Thanks Bill. Will let you know how things are going.

12 Days left.

Need some more info

I specialize in logo designs and would love to help your club out, any way of giving me more info to go on, as in colors, any aditional info…ie website, slogan, etc. Just pm me, email me, throw in in the air see if i catch it…lol. Or i guess since this is a contest you could just post that info on here so it is fair for all…Let’s see our creative sides pour out now!!

Jay- Are

Thank you for your interest!
Our club website: (it’s a work in progress) When you write our club name you can put the dot com after the club name so people know to look at the web.

Our (unofficial) club tag line “What can YOU do on one wheel?”, with a list of types of riding: freestyle, off-road riding, road riding, trials, hockey, basketball, etc…

We would like to make the shirts two-sided, but we could put the same design on the front and back of the shirts to save costs, if necessary. A one or two-color design on a colored t-shirt may be cheaper to produce, but if you think we need a full-color design then go for it.

Thank you again for your interest and thank you Chad for putting this contest together.

-Reid Jacobson
Atlanta Unicycle Club

Reid, all good points.

I have all kinds of bad ideas for a logo. So any input from me may corrupt the process. Sometimes I have great, creative ideas. This isn’t one of them. I am counting on those with artistic skills and a lot more experience in the logo design world to help shape the “Image” of the AUC. Or as Reid would say :smiley:

We have watched several clubs form and create great images that create a memorable logos, that help bring interest and lend crediblity to their clubs. Memphis, Plateau, And now Billhams new club have all created cool logos.

Looking forward to your submissions.

Keep in mind that these shirts will need to be appropriate for kids, adults, men and women. I would like them to be the kind of shirt you want to wear all the time it’s so cool.:smiley: Does that help.

Also we will try to use images that are submitted, even if they are not the “official” logo. Shirts, web, promotional images for group rides etc…

Personally I think Muni, Trials and 36er’s have more impact than standard uni’s. Something about the BIG wheels that just grabs you.

THe website has only temporary content and design. It was put up for information only until the actual design is done. One of the club members wants to work on their Web skills, so Reid and I were not only excited, but relieved. I am no webmaster, and don’t want to be. Point being, that color isn’t a club color by any means.

I have a suggestion…this works for everyone. (My credintials: 8 yrs art director + 15 yrs hi-end printing sales)

Use caps at the beginnings of each word in your URL. Much easier to read (especially since much of the time, the words will be whizzing past the reader at an accellerated rate.) Separates the string of characters into 3 distinct words. The internet is not case dependent anymore.

Lets do a test:




Great suggestion Tom. Thanks.

For the rest of you 11 Days left. :astonished:

Test results are in. If you use caps, it is easier to read AND it gets underlined. Did the underline bias this test? :smiley:

Bill, the underline should have been automatic. But I can fix it.

How about:


Its basically a universal tip.


bugman, did you get my PM?

Got it.

10 Days Left. Don’t miss out on your opportunity to get some rare Uni Footage.

9 days left. Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

8 Days and counting…

6 Days.

Re: Creative Types… Need help on Uni Club Design Contest!

On Mon, 28 Feb 2005 08:23:20 -0600, “bugman” wrote:

>6 Days.

I’m not a “creative type” (at least not for creating logos and such)
so I won’t submit anything. It just occurs to me that it might be more
enticing to would-be artists if you mention something about the
‘competition’ like how many entries you already have.

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