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Hey all, for my first post I bring news of a unicycle brand i have, in my recent web surfings, discovered. i was wondering if any of you have had the chance to ride one of creative gecko’s muni’s or heard of them. they have a couple of suspension frames and a wicked looking coker i’d love to get my hands on :smiley: . Their, or his as i believe that these are all built, or at least all designed, by Ed Mosimann, uni’s can be viewed at they look pretty bomb-proof and i’d love to know how they perform from an unbiased source. not that the site is untruthful or anything but if nike told you their shoes cured cancer would you believe them?

I was able to meet Ed and ride his 24" and 26" versions of his setups. The saddle is a bit wierd at first, but they work well. It was extremely well made, and I could see how much time was put into it. Also, Ed is and extremely intelligent engineer. He had a solar powered RV hooked up with every sort of gizmo.

I’d assume they perfore mell, but other than a short test ride in the parking lot, and a feel of the bushings and ssuch, I cant tell you how a full on muni or coker ride would feel on one.

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Use the search feature and try Tasmanian Unicycle Tour or variations of that…I think you’ll find some info on how that custom 36" held up to the rigors of a full tour.

Ed’s frames are just plain cool, and apparently function well too. At any rate they work for him and he’s a very skilled rider. I had heard he was no longer in the frame building business, which he confirmed at Moab this year. So you’ll have to be content with pictures, unless one of the current owners of his limited output is foolish enough to sell.

I have emailed them with no response.

I have since heard that they don’t make them but the site is still there for information. They look great and the price is in Canadian dollars which makes them attractive.

I think those unicycles are kinda ugly, but thats my opinion

I didn’t see many options for upgrading the seat post clamp. The shock absorber frame had some sort of clamping system that looked kind of beefy but I couldn’t tell much from the pictures. The rigid frame only has the one cam-lock lever. I think I’d like to see a better hold on the seat post for some of the more extreme-style riding.


Well your opinion is wrong! :astonished:

Hah, no, im just kidding. I do disagree though. I think those things are HOT, but thats my opinion. :slight_smile:

I had emailed him about a year and a half ago. I wanted to just confirm what another rider said. Ed emailed me back and said that he was keeping the site up just for people to look at, but that he was no longer making them.

he is my friends dad’s best friend, i should ask about discounts

I think they look cool,except for the seats.I know they would probally work good,but id rather have a normal uni seat.

And that coker at the bottom is a monster!

I think they look like dinosaurs:D

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“litldude2” <> wrote in
> I think they look like dinosaurs:D

Maybe, but unlike the dinosaurs, these look like they would be little
troubled by an asteroid strike.