Creating Unicycle Routine

Hello, fellow unicyclists!

I have a talent show at my school coming up, and am considering participating in it!

I don’t exactly know how to come up with my own routine though.

I can do SOME trials things, not much freestyle, ride a giraffe…have a big wheel. I’m just wondering if anyone can give me tips on making a routine to perform that will make the audience laugh, too. Ya kno?

Thanks in advance!


What’s your timeframe? No sense telling you a bunch of useful stuff only to find out you only have two days to put it all together… :slight_smile:

haha, sorry about that…

Well, the audition is late March, around the 23rd then. so i’d say i should probably have a routine set within a week or 2. and then after that just get it down perfectly.

it probably won’t take much to please the crowd either, so that’s good.

thanks, again!

i recently participated in my school talent show. i played a movie then did some live riding. that way you can show tricks or trials that you don’t have down consistently and show them live riding. also, jumping over people gets audiences really excited. but make sure you have the tricks in you routine very consistent. i didn’t but the movie helped to save the show.

one of the first things to do is find out the size of the performance area, that could heavily restrict what you do (the big wheel would probably be out of the question)

Ride a giraffe and act like you’re going to fall.


Non-riders go crazy over a well-executed suicide mount. They just can’t believe that you can let go before you get on.

Thanks for all the replies.

im gunna do a suicdide mount for sure, and definately do some giraffe riding, i’d have to practice pretending to fall first.

as for the movie thing, i dont know if that would be good, as i dont know how much time i actually have.

i really do want to jump over someone, but i dunno if my school would let me, or if that person would trust me! :slight_smile:


Very important!! If possible, go to the place where the show will be, and ask if there will be anything taking up the space on the stage (or wherever). There’s nothing like showing up to find out there’s a full band and drum set there that can’t be moved. Somehow, the musicians are always more important than the unicyclist… :angry:

Don’t ask, just do it. Get someone you know, who you can practice with so they know what’s going on. If you do it the way I used to do, it’s very easy. I have them lay down on their stomach, facing the audience, with their arms under their head (so you can see them). Then if you screw up, all you do is land on their butt. I could jump up to three people but never quite managed four. :slight_smile:

Beyond that, make it funny. Instead of just being serious, go for some laughs. That will change the “macho” men in your audience from rivals to fans, if they don’t think you are challenging their masculinity. Be willing to fall down if it’s part of a funny bit.

What a coincedence, I have a talent show coming up at my school

next month as well! I was planning on riding through a simple obstacle

course I’ll put together on stage to the little rascals theme song, then having

them play it backwards, and then riding through it riding backwards. I like

the idea of jumping over people johnfoss, and of doing a suicide mount

crazyjoe, I think I’ll incorporate them into my routine. Thank you for the

ideas, and good luck with your talent show, unicycletoday!

i recently did one i jumped one person didnt clear them by much(on purpose)did that for 2 people,then they thought i finished and i got the principal to go third and jumped him,everyone was amused also juggling is good.