Creating new Unicyclist

Who here has helped create new unicyclist? I have, hear is my story.

Well i’ve taught my younger brother how to unicycle, he is sixteen, and its quite fun ridding with him, avertly, he taught two of his friends to ride as well, i’d like some people closer to my age to ride with considering i’m 20, but i’d rather ride with three sixteen year olds then myself, so i’m happy to have the company I do, I currently have one KH Freeride, and a 20" dx, both my brothers friends are really into it, and plan on having a unicycle by this christmas, ones getting a qu-ax trials, and the other a Onza 24x3.0 Muni, my younger brother also wants a muni, but isn’t sure when he’ll be able to afford one, its great seeing how much quicker everyone learns then I or my brother did, probably because they see us dooing 5+ foot drops, and going down almost verticle slopes strewn with rocks, I think its mostly a mental thing, them going “They can do that, how hard can flat ground be?” One of my brothers friends was ridding about fifteen feet after an hour or so of practice.

What is a Onza 24x3.0 muni?
The standard has a 2.6" wide kenda kinetics tyre… and i just love it… not as dull and heavy as a 3"!

And yes it seems it’s a lot easier for people who have a unicyclinst near by…
Though many of them thinks the other way… If he does it with such an ease, why aint i doing the same thing?
he has better balance and such things… really depressing.

I taught 1 to ride and go 2 others into trials type stuff

Its just an onza with at duro tire on it, although you do have a good point, maybe I should convince him to get a 2.6 insted, so we can have some varience in our group, anyone know the rim width of the onza muni?

i got one of my friends into it and he likes it alot.
we have alot of funrideing

i got one of my friends into it and now i’m getting two of my friends who started with me into trials/muni

my best advice to creating a new unicyclist is avoid birth control…but that’s creating one from scratch.

When I got my unicyle my neighbor came over alot and practiced my unucycle, for a while he was starting to get better then me, I kinda wouoldn’t let him ride it untill I got better then him :smiley:

ive taught 4. only one, my old friend who moved, really got into it. he did like 2 or 3 ft drops before he moved. not sure how far hes gotten now.

I’ve personally taught two, but those two have gone on to teach many more, and so on…I was the second person in Moscow to be a unicyclist (well, fourth actually, but two of 'em don’t count) but now there’s about fifteen people here who at least know how to ride.

the other two who learned before me went to the University of Idaho, you’ve probably heard of both of them…George Peck went here, and Chris Reeder, inventor of the Reeder Handle. I’ve actually gone riding with Chris a couple times.

Myself and one friend found out we could check out some really crappy unicycles on campus here about 2 years ago. We both gave it a try, he gave up after a day, I stuck with it. I talked to friends into learning with me. Today they teach a class through the university (for credit) involving instruction in three activities (juggling, unicycling, slacklining)…I also introduced them to slacklining. I also got my roommate and one other friend into unicycling and then eventually the friend who originally tried it with me. Now the six of us are quite the uni-gang. There are also about 10 people on campus now who can unicycle to some extent as a result of the class.

I’ve only inspired others to discover unicycling. There’s no creation going on here.

Taught or inspired?

I’ve taught 3 people, including my son and two coworkers. Three others I’ve inspired to 1 (get strated again) 2 learn. Thats 6 with all of the qualifiers.

Inspired three

My three teenage sons and I Muni together, often with some other San Diego riders. I guess everyone ultimately teaches themselves to ride Uni. I would like to think I gave them a bit of inspiration…

Actually, they all got real inspired by attending Cal Muni 2005, it was awesome for all of us.:slight_smile:

We are all at about the 1 to 2 foot drop stage, but now they are starting to get better a lot faster than I am. I guess I’ll have to start riding at lunch to keep up:D