creating my ultimate unicycle- advice please!

hi everyone,
I have been thinking of late that i might have to consolidate my unicycle collection, that having 4 unicycles will not be advantageous for the next stage in my life. At the end of next year i am finishing my university degree and will be most likely working abroad- and while i am keen to keep unicycling as my favoured sport and hobby, lugging around a bunch of Uni’s is just going to work out.

So that got me thinking as to what type of unicycle would fit the types of riding i love to do with the least amount of compromise to performance as possible (with an eye to portability as well). I love my muni, and using my 36er for commuting is great fun as well.

So the dilemma that i am facing at the moment goes a little like this- A KH24" with shlumpf/KH geared hub (and the added option of 125-150 cranks) fills both of my needs on paper. In high gear with the pedals in the 125 hole it should be comparable to my current 36er setup, and in the 150 and low gear it does the same for my Muni. Perfict fit right? well…

recently i have kind of got the taste for speed, while both riding muni and distance and have been thinking that maybe supersizing to a 26" setup might just give me what i want. I have noticed more people making custom 26" muni’s on the forums as well, and think that following suit might scratch that itch, for both muni and commuting- most likely using the 137-165 kh cranks.

But this customisation raises even more questions- such as what frame and rim to combine it with. Would going all out with a 26" LM compromise its ride characteristics on the road as a commuter? and what frame to house all this expensive hardware in? So far the only options that spring to mind is the Surly frame, and the new nimbus 2009 muni frame with magura break mounts and even then i’m not sure if the bearing holders will suit the shlumpf.

So as it stands i am a very confused lad. There are a few things that i am certain about though- a KH freeride seat, Magura’s, spooner, and rail-less seat post, duro or Gazz 3".

So does anyone have any thoughts that might help me make a descision on this at all? anything i might have overlooked? It is going to be an expensive endevour so i want to get it right the first time.

ok well thanks for reading my ramblings,


I spent 6 months last year with a Schlumpf 29er as my only unicycle, with a muni tyre and a road tyre.

It was okay, but a 26" would have been so much better for muni, if I did it again, I’d really want to do what you’re planning, or go 24" if I couldn’t work that out.

Personally I think a gazz 26x2.6" is nice for off road, the 26x3 is a bit of a tractor. But that’s just fine tuning.

Frame wise, there are 3 26" frames with brake mounts, koxx track monster, surly, and nimbus. Koxx frames don’t fit KH hubs, so that’s out, so you’re left with surly or nimbus. Surly is massive wide - personally I really don’t like it, and the large marge 26" I also hated when I tried it, and I can’t imagine it being good on a road unicycle. The nimbus I have a feeling that (on the ones I’ve seen), the bearing holders won’t work on a Schlumpf - I think they have an inner lip.

One possible thing that people have done is make drop bolts to fit the maguras on a KH29 frame so they work on a 26. I think they called it a KH26, and it was on here somewhere.

The other option is just to go with a 24" like you said, I’d imagine it’d be a bit slower, but if you’re riding it a lot, you’ll get used to it - I mean first time I had an only riding one unicycle phase I was stuck with a fixed gear 29" as my only uni, and I got pretty fast at spinning on that. 24" has a bonus of being sized to fit in a normal big suitcase if you take the tyre off - 26 or 29 are just slightly too big.

I found the schlumpf really transforms the having only one unicycle thing, you can have a unicycle that isn’t too much of a compromise, portable, fast to get around on, and good for proper muni riding. Oh and oh so easy to go on planes with compared to a coker.


thanks for the advice about your one unicycle experiment.

I found some threads with people using KH29" frames for 26" wheels which removes one of my concerns about going the custom route- that even after all that money spent i would have a heavy steel or cromo frame instead of a Alu one.

The other thing i have to figure out is what rim to use if i was to go the 26" route. I guess things to consider are weight, breaking surface, and width. Personally i would preffer to go wider than narrower with a rim- something around the KH 42.2mm range would do i think. Does anybody know of anything that fits the bill?


I know, when I can afford it, that I’d put a KH/Schlumpf hub in my KH24. To me, like Joe Marshall said, the 24" unicycle variety is very versitile. I’ve travelled all around with my KH24 which easily fits in my suitcase. In addition I do most of my trail riding, both XC and more “extreme” DH with my KH24. I’ve even ridden 50 miles of single track on my KH24 and have done several 20 mile + trail rides and I don’t really feel that slow. I like having the added power and torque and nimbleness of the 24". However there are times when I’m rolling along getting to the trail-head or hit a stretch of gravel road that it would be nice to switch to a higher gear and that is why I’d really love to have that KH/Schlumpf hub when I can afford it. That hub would really open up a lot more ride possibilities and make my current routes a bit faster… just my two American cents worth of advice…

get a KH 29" muni at

Build as follows…

Blue Fusion Freeride saddle
Deathgrip handle
Carbon fiber base
KH adjustable rail-free seatpost
Blue KH seatclamp
2008 KH 24 frame powdercoated matte black
KH Schlumpf hub
150/125 double hole moments
Black 14g spokes
Blue spoke nipples
2008 KH 24 rim
Blue rim strip
Intense 24x3 tire
If you went through with that build you would have one of the most epic muni/commuter unicycles ever! Do it man!:smiley:

If going the 26" route I would go with a Echo rim and Duro tire. I have the rim on my Muni and love it. 46mm wide drilled bike trials rim and apparently much stronger than the Try-All drilled rim (according to people on a bike trials forum). It also has a nice flat breaking surface unlike the sun Doublewide which seems like the most popular 26" Muni rim. I ordered mine from HBtrials in Quebec. They had to order one from the factory for me, not sure if they got just the one or if they have some more 36 hole rims in stock.

For the tire I would go with a Duro. I much prefer a Gazz on the trail but the rounded profile of a Duro is much nicer on the road.

What’s wrong with the new Nimbus frames? Is it just that the lip on the inside of the bearing holders is to big? It does not take a genius to figure out a way to fix that or is there something else I am missing?

I think my next unicycle will be something similar, just need to save up for that hub

I know that the Schlumpf/KH hub HAS to go into a frame with machined 42mm bearing holders. This has to do with the lack of the torsion arm that was on the original geared hubs. Someone with more knowledge on the subject should chime in here, but I know that you will wreck the hub unless you have a frame that fits perfectly. I don’t know what other frames will other than the KH24… Anyone?

Do a 24 Guni

napalm: You have the same muni/commuting riding style as I do. I can understand your want for a single versatile uni.

uniaddict: That build is amazing, if I had all the money for uni’s I want that would be what I would have that exactly. Well done, post pics of it pls. when you can.

I ride KH24 and 36, but that makes me drool. The hub is expensive but I now have decided I must get one when I can, thank you

Ride4life, live2ride

If you like to do a fair amount of trials I’d Guni a 24", but it sounds like you’d be happier w/ a 26" Guni.

If $ is a concern, I’d get a '09 Nimbus Muni, upgrade to the shlumpf hub & double hole cranks (yeah I think you’d just need to grind down one of the inner ridges on one of the bearing holders like some '07 KH owners have had to do). The Nimbus rim is a 42 mm rebranded '05 KH. The only downside of the Nimbus is the heavier frame and narrower rim.

Prob the best 26" geared Muni:
-'08 (so you can drop the post through the crown) KH frame w/ custom brackets for the brakes.
-Widish rim, like the Echo or Try-All (a LM rim would prob be to slow and heavy for the road and hopping).
-2.6X26 Gazz or 3" Intense tire.
-Double hole cranks - get the shorter set if you’re a strong rider or do less technical trails.
-KH Freeride seat w/ cf seatbase.
-KH adjustable 4 bolt post.
-Magura brakes w/ spooner.
-Your pick pedals- I like low profile pedals w/ removable non-allen screw pins like the Kona Wah Wahs.

I forgot to put maguras with a spooner in my epic build idea. Also I think that a 24 would be the best wheel size. I mean a 26 inch guni would go a bit faster but with a 24 ich you can tackle the gnarliest muni and still have a fixed 36 inch at the push of a button. Thats just my opinion. You can do whatever you want. Just promise you will make it with the best parts. Don’t half ass it!:smiley:

newbie weighs in

actually, sophomore 26" rider, who just finished reading all these threads, and got educated. questions: what’s a guni? spooner? i’ve heard of the deathgrip, where can i get one?
i agree that a 24" is IT because you can throw it in a suitcase…never thought of that. but i’m biased because of my need for speed, and my poverty. i liked my big apple 700c, but wanted a fatter more nimble tire, yet with speed. just by LOOKING at the MAXXIS HOOKWORM, i just KNEW that was my tire for life.
and they of course make them in 24"
if you’re going to be on the road more than singletrack, i would definitely consider the 26" and get a wheelset hardshell case with wheels to roll it around when you travel

The problem with the Kh/schlumpf in non-kh frames that have been ground out to remove the inner bearing holder ridge, is that if it goes wrong, it can screw up the bearings in the hub, which means sending the hub back to Schlumpf in Switzerland. Some people had problems with the kh/schlumpf hub in nimbus 36 frame. It isn’t covered by warranty either, because it’s not a frame designed for the hub, so it gets quite expensive.

Also, the bearing holder on the nimbus holds the bearing quite a way from the hub flanges, which might also be a problem - I know on the original schlumpf, the bearings are very very close to the hub, and the cranks come very close to the bearing holders - the tolerances are silly tight, I’m not sure if the same is true of the KH/Schlumpf though.

Personally if I was building this, I’d be really torn between 24 and 26. The fitting in suitcase thing of the 24 is really convenient for travel. I guess it depends on whether you’re going to travel a lot, stopping in places for short times, or simply going to work a few places for months at a time.


Wasn’t that problem with frames that had been ground out from 40mm to 42mm, rather than just taking off the ridge? I may be wrong, but that’s what it sounded like to me (the N36 frame is built for 40mm bearings at 125mm pitch, rather than the 42mm at 100mm of the KH-Schlumpf, right?)


BTW, to stay on topic, I think if I were to throw silly money at a unicycle, I reckon I’d go for a geared 26 with either 3" or 2.6" tyre. Not a LM rim though - I rode Rich’s (LooseMoose) LM 26 and it’s really nasty and sluggish compared to my normal 26x3 (sorry Rich :o). A custom frame like a Triton would be nice rather than a common KH or Nimbus. Probably carbon based KH freeride. I can see the point of portability of a 24" though - my 26 just doesn’t quite fit in a big suitcase without removing the tyre (as I discovered when taking it to Unicon), whereas a 24 would have gone in with less hassle. I prefer a 26 to ride though.

Yeah, that was the same one I’ve ridden - super duper expensive and very shiny looking, but what a horrible thing to ride. Might be okay for going downhill in a straight line, but once you want to actually aim it round corners, or ride it uphill, you might as well walk it’s so slow.


Correct, the problem was not with removing the ridge. Florian sells a tool to remove the ridge from KH frames that have this lip. The problem was when Beau and Corbin tried to mod out their Nimbus frames to go from 40mm to 42mm.

Hi everybody,

I’m going to turn my KH29 into a 26" Guni soon. I already have the 07 frame, 125/150 double hole moments, maguras, saddle and seat post.

So all I need now is the KH/Schlumpf hub, a nice rim (probably the holy Try-All), thick rim tape, a heavy duty tube, a spooner, some spokes and a good tire. Plus I’ll have to make some adapters for the brakes. Tire will probably be a 3" Duro or maybe a Try-All.

If they were still available I’d also like a GB4 handle with CF base on there… Maybe I can try to make my own? We’ll see.

Does anybody have concerns regarding this setup? Anything I could change for an improvement?