Creapy Unicycling - Neeew moviee !

This movie is not done to show new trix or how good we are. We have almost end our cycling so we made a last one for this year and maby for ever xd
Just for fun.


give a comment! :slight_smile:

Sweet vid! What’s that trick called where you hop on the tire, then take another hop and spin the tire with your foot and land on the pedals? It was in there twice, once at 2:15ish and again at 3:37.

That was amazing. I loved that so much. That Johan guy can really sidehop! Very creative, and great quality. I like the backflip to donkeykick! How high were those sidehops Johan was doing?

Very cool vid though! :sunglasses:


Its a shame. You guys are really too good and talented to quit.

Awesome video though.

TY For comments :smiley:

My rec is 103.5 (104 hand)

But i don’t ride so much now… Start getting cold and soon comes the snow to north sweden -.- but i can come much higher for sure:p

Lots of talent shown here, both riding and filming. Hope you guys continue to keep us entertained.

Wow! :astonished: Creatively, Awesome, amazing, awesome, cool, good riding, video! Liked and subscribed! :astonished: I hope you guys keep making videos! :sunglasses: I’m jealous of the amount of pallets and how awesome your trials course is.:frowning:

:smiley: Awsome :smiley:

I think it’s a monkey kick.

Do you have a shed or garage you could practice in?

Like this.

Those are donkey kicks (one foot on frame and one on the wheel). Monkey kicks are where you have both feet on the tire then do a flip with a 90 unispin.

Loved It!!!

sweet riding guys

I wish I were ya’ll…
Man, hard riding. Excellent.

No we haven’t :confused:

Didn’t expected much fro mthis vid.
But glad I watched it, it was great.
Johan, you have some huge hops, keep it up.
The street guy need to tighten his laces though :roll_eyes:

thanks for comments!
If special me had the power to keep going and do new trix to this movie should the street part have seen much better out… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ace choons!

I see, thanks for the clarification. :slight_smile:

yea, thats the name. It´s a verry funny and easy trix