My brand new unicycle (a week old) has suddenly started making this horrible creaking sound (slight exaggeration). both the cranks and and pedals are tight so i have no clue whats wrong.

any help would be useful.

Could still be the cranks. Sometimes the only cure is to remove them and refit.

It’s unlikely to be the pedals.

If it’s not the cranks, then next guess is it’s the spokes bedding in. Spokes change length with changes of temperature. Each spoke crosses several others. The tension on each spoke changes in time with the pedaling action and the change of load as the wheel turns. The friction between the spokes can change with humidity (my KH24 creaks in the rain). As long as all the spokes feel tight (do they ping when you pluck them?) then a little bit of creaking isn’t a problem.

Don’t be worried… I’ve got a Profile hub… now thats gonna be 10 times worse creaking than you’ve got! At least you can solve your problem! :roll_eyes:

Basically, same as what the guy above said… check spokes etc… But when does it creak exactly? When you pedal out of a drop? When you hop? when your simply riding along? That will give us a big clue.

yeah, i have the same problem. kind of a light creaking sometimes, but there’s no pattern to when it happens. it sounds like it’s in the cranks, but sometimes it even creaks when i just roll it along, so it may be the spokes. however, i’ve tightened the cranks a few times, and i just retrued the wheel (tensioned the spokes, etc) and it still happens. what gives?

oh, and how do i know what a good tension for the spokes is? i have a 24" muni with a 45mm wide rim.

All i have to do is ride normally for ten meters and the creaking starts. im assuming it might be the cranks since it doesn’t creak when i just roll it along. ill have to check.

Help us so we can help you. What unicycle do you have? We can’t even guess at the problem really until we know that.

oh, sorry. mine’s a 24" qu-ax muni. are the qu-ax splined hubs known to creak?

mine is a 20" nimbus x 2006. i found nothing wrong with the cranks (although i can’t take them off cuz i dont have a crank extractor) i also tightend my bearing holders. no use. the sound is driving me nuts but maby im just worrying too much. oh and the sound i only on the right side its probly not the spokes

If you have access to a tuned guitar or piano, a keyboard or any other musical instrument, (or a computer - use some free midi software to make the note), you can use the pitch you hear when you twang the spoke to get the right tension. You need to know how long and what type your spokes are.

See here

I build wheels next to the piano so I’ve got a note handy!


Adjusting spokes

Per previous post check out:
This doesn’t look like link works, it is terrybigwheels “Dualing Munis”

i just watched that last night and OMG it made me laugh for ever! terrybigwheel iis my new unicycling hero

The only time either of my unis have creaked it’s been the spokes. A short time with a spoke wrench cleared that right up.