Creaking sound from MUni

Hello, wondered if anyone could help me. When I’m riding my Oracle 26 I can put both cranks parallel to the ground, do a little bounce, and I hear this sharp, short creak/pop sound come from something. Then I put the cranks parallel the ground again, other foot forward, bounce, and it creaks/pops again. I think it is two spokes rubbing together. How can I make this noise go away? Is this normal? I don’t like to hear my 3 month old Uni creaking and popping like its going to bust apart at any second. Could I tape the 2 rubbing spokes together? :thinking:

Any help or thoughts would be appreciated.

For the answer to that question, type “creaking” into the Search field of this web site, then press Enter.

In one case for me, I would get a click when changing torque.
I pulled my cranks off, greased them and put them back on. Problem solved.

Another could be if your crank bolts are not tight enough.

There are plenty of different sources of noise possible on a uni from spokes tension to cranks (you will be surprised at the search results ).

The only solution is patience and methodology : go over the uni one part at a time and check that is is installed correctly and tight enough.

The grease on the ISIS spline is one small thing can can help and is sometimes overlooked (I tried things but it is when I greased it that I got rid of my creaking too).

Typical noise with alu/steel composite hub, Is it your case ? If so no problem except the noise which is coming from the splines inside the hub to connect the alu flanges to the steel of the axis

It might be steel, its whatever is on the Oracle 26.

Thanks for the ideas.

Hi … To save you going through lots of threads as I did when I noticed it. I had an intermittent creak from the cranks and having tried new pedals and still getting the noise I took the cranks off for a look, noticed hardly any grease, put as much on so it didn’t leak and now have had plenty of noise free miles :slight_smile:

So, you grease the cranks where they attach to the hub? I’m assuming so.

Thanks for the help, guys!:smiley:

I have fixed a similar problem by replacing the crank spacers with ones 1mm narrower. This allows the cranks to seat further on the splines of the hub and can eliminate creaking noises.

I think this is the issue with my almost-brand-new 24" unicycle. After a couple weeks of heavy, daily riding, the interface between the hub and cranks started creaking. I initially chose a set of spacers a bit wider than recommended. The gap between the non-tightened cranks and the spacers was already significant, and it took a reasonable amount of torque just to close the gap. Basically, I didn’t want to overdo it, deforming the cranks by jamming them too far onto the interface. Three weeks later, and the creaking begins, first on the left, then on the right. So I removed the crank bolts; the cranks and hubs were still fused tightly together without the aid of the bolts; I couldn’t wiggle them or anything. So, if the creaking sound resulted from motion, it had to be a pretty small motion, because everything seemed tight.

Before dropping down to a 1mm smaller spacer, I may remove the cranks, then clean and oil the cranks and hub, then re-install the cranks, paying special attention to the gap between cranks and spacers, to see if the gap has diminished (I’m guessing it has), and determining how much torque it takes to close the gap. If there’s still the feeling of the cranks binding onto the interface, I’ll probably stay with the current spacers, and see if lubrication solves the problem. Later on, if the creaking persists, I’ll do as you said and install thinner spacers.

Yep, just remove the cranks and grease the splines, replace the cranks :slight_smile:

Thanks for the help! It fixed the problem.

I see you’ve cured the creak. I was going to suggest ear plugs - all motorcyclists know that ear plugs are the greatest value tuning aid. They get rid of knocks and squeaks and make the bike go faster.