Creaking Profiles

I don’t own a Profile hub, but the question of their creaking has come
up a few times here and I haven’t seen a reference to an interesting
explanation I saw recently in


Verba iactas +
ut imber aquas +
at cave! vacca volat. +

i started that thread and WOW that brings back some memorys.look at all those commas,jeez.

the key to your Profiles not squeeking is to be brave (Animation),buy some tools,take photo’s for referance and rip that thing apart,clean it,then grease that puppy every couple of weeks or months depending on riding level.


I am headed to Memphis where Tommy has a full bike shop and he has a variety of unicycles on which he has done all manner of things (including solve this exact same profile squeak problem he had, except he has a Wilder frame). So, I am hoping I will be able to get some satisfaction there.

I plan to bring my camcorder and film everything he does regarding all the unicycles there, so that I can do the same thing.

I’m going to try to just have fun with it, and not worry about what I might / might not break. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the gentle prodding. It’s been a yeah and a half since I’ve had any gentle prodding. Oh, was that out loud? My bad.