"Creaking" pedals

I recently bought a new pair of azonic magnesium pedals, and after only a few rides (they’re on my 36er) I noticed and felt a loud “creaking” sound coming from the left pedal. My first thought was that maybe the crank, being aluminum, had come a tad loose, so I tightened it. Problem still there. I thought it could be the spokes, the bearings, or the saddle creaking on the rail adaptor.

So when I got home I put on a different pedal and the sound disappeared. Is this simply a case of a defective pedal? It seemed perfectly solid and fine; It spins normally and I can’t sense any “play” in the pedal, but when I’m riding, the clicking and creaking is there big time.

Anyway, I called the place where I got them and they said I could either get a refund, or another pair, so I’m choosing the replacement. Hopefully it was just a bad pair.

Make sure you have the right pedal on the right and left on the left.


Are they loose-ball or sealed bearings? Sounds like you might be missing a ball, no pun intended :stuck_out_tongue:

oil it

consider these

I just got some junk in today. These pedals amongst the stuff. I bought a couple pairs of different plastics just to see them, and this pair is my favorite.
I haven’t put them on yet, but they look very high quality. The nylon looks and feels like metal. I scratched it to see, and it’s not paint. Who knows how bash resistant they are, they feel good in hand. Perhaps this is the ideal street coker pedal. At 8 $ and 330 gr. , they are the lightest in many ways.:slight_smile: Also, unlike the 60 $ DMR mags that I bought with them, they have reflectors. I bought them as an after thought, more out of curiosity then need. They are not the soft plastic like on the pedals that came with my R36. They feel much more grippy.:smiley: I am surprised at the feel and look of quality. Hail India !